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[slowcooker] Crockpot Chicken and Turkey Recipes (14)(untried)

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  • Karl E. Moser (KE3NF)
    For your distrabution Crockpot Chicken and Turkey Recipes (14) Smothered Chicken Chili Con-Causasian (White Chili) Busy Woman s Roast Chicken Swiss onion and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 1998
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      For your distrabution
      Crockpot Chicken and Turkey Recipes (14)

      Smothered Chicken
      Chili Con-Causasian" (White Chili)
      Busy Woman's Roast Chicken
      Swiss onion and Chicken
      Crockery-Stewed Chicken
      Chicken with Dried Beef
      Swiss Chicken Casserole
      Fiesta Chicken & Black Beans
      Crock Pot Chicken And Dressing
      Chicken & Sausage Gumbo
      Crockpot Chicken & Rice
      Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup
      Crockpot Stuffed Turkey Breast
      Hearty Chicken Soup

      (09:05:11 am) : Title: SMOTHERED CHICKEN
      Categories: Crockpot, Chicken
      Yield: 4 servings

      1 Chicken, cut up, OR
      4 Boneless chicken breasts
      -cut up
      1 cn Cream of mushroom soup
      1 cn Cream of chicken soup
      1 lg Onion; sliced
      1 cn French onion soup
      Garlic, fresh or powder;
      -to taste
      1 pk Fresh mushrooms; sliced
      Poultry seasoning; to taste

      Add all ingredients to crock pot, cover and simmer on LOW for at least 5
      6 hours, but can cook all day if that's easier for your schedule. You
      also add any veggies you like. Just serve over rice, potatoes cooked any
      way you like, noodles, biscuits, or over papovers is great. Can be
      and reheated. You can double or triple recipe if you need to and then
      freeze in dinner size portions too. This can also be cooked on the
      Just cook everything in a large Dutch oven for about 1 hour.

      Sue's notes - made on 10/2/94 -- EXCELLENT -- serve w/whipped potatoes
      ::: Posted on Delphi by Jean Polzin on 9/23/94
      (09:10:25 am) : Title: CHILI CON-CAUSASIAN" (WHITE CHILI)
      Categories: Chili, Main dish, Poultry, Crockpot
      Yield: 4 servings

      1 cn Cooking Oil Spray (Pam)
      1 tb Olive Oil
      1 lb Chicken Breast; skinned,
      - boned, diced
      1/2 c Shallots; chopped
      3 Cloves Garlic; minced
      1 cn Tomatillas (18oz); drained
      - and coursley chopped
      1 cn Ro*tel Tomatoes; chopped but
      - not drained
      1 cn Chicken Broth (13oz)
      1 cn Chopped Green Chile Peppers;
      - not drained
      1/2 ts Oregano flakes
      1/2 ts Coriander Seeds; crushed
      1/4 ts Ground Cumin
      2 cn Cannellini Beans; drained
      3 tb Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
      1/4 ts Black Pepper
      1/4 c Sharp Cheddar cheese; grated

      Spray a large skillet with Pam, add Olive Oil and heat on medium high
      hot. Add diced Chicken and saute for 3 minutes or until done. Remove
      Chicken from pan and set aside. Add Shallots and Garlic to the pan and
      saute until tender. Stir in Tomatillas, Ro*tel Tomatoes, Chicken Broth,
      Chile Peppers, and Spices. Bring to a boil, reduce and simmer 20
      Add Chicken and, Beans, cook for 5 minutes, stir in Lime Juice and
      heat and serve up into Chili Bowls topped with Cheese. Or place all
      ingredients, except Cheese, in a Crockpot and cook for 8 hours. Don't
      forget the Tortilla Chips, Sour Cream, Avocado Dip and Mexican Beer.
      Eating. Hey it worked but I'm just crossing my fingers! The new *P has
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      Again. Kitty upchukking all last night. He has eaten some Rx food since
      got back but I think this is still just temporary. He may have to go to
      specialist. Just like one of the kids! Doug, Ted and I are going to see
      Groundhound Day! 03/06 12:59 pm Warmest Regards, Pam
      (09:15:37 am) : Title: BUSY WOMAN'S ROAST CHICKEN
      Categories: Poultry
      Yield: 6 servings

      1 (6 oz.) pkg. stove top
      Stuffing (any brand)
      1 1/4 c Water
      1/4 c Sauterne wine
      12 Carrots, scrubbed and cut
      Into 2-inch pieces
      1 (4 to 5 lb.) ROASTING
      Salt and pepper

      Prepare stuffing according to package directions with 1 1/4 cups water.
      aside to cool. When cool, stir in the wine. Meanwhile, in a saucepan,
      carrots in small amount of water for 5 minutes. Drain and place in the
      crockpot. Rinse and dry chicken; stuff with dressing. Place on top of
      carrots in crockpot. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cover pot and cook
      low for 6 to 8 hours. Chicken may be browned in baking pan at 400 for 15
      minutes in oven, if desired.

      From Crockery Cookery by Mable Hoffman. Submitted By SALLI SCHWARTZ
      102003.3307@... (HONN) On 1 JUL 1995 101152 -0500
      Susan,IN (4:53:43 pm) : Swiss onion and Chicken
      Source: Better Homes and Gardens Crockery Cookbook
      Serves: 6-8

      2 cups sliced onion
      2 tablespoons butter or margarine
      8 slices day-old bread, cubed (8 cups)
      2 cups chopped cooked chicken
      1 1/2 cups shredded Swiss cheese
      4 eggs
      2 cups milk
      1 teaspoon salt
      2 tablespoon snipped parsley

      In skillet cook onion in butter till tender. Place 1/3 of the bread
      into a greased 2 pound coffe can or 3 pound shortening can. Add half the
      onions, chicken, and cheese. Repeat layers ending with bread cubes.
      lightly, if necessary, to fit. Beat eggs, milk and salt together; pour
      bread. Cover with foil, crimping edges to sides of can; set into crock
      Pour 1/2 cup water into cooker. Cover; cook on low-heat setting 8-0
      Remove from cooker; let stand 5-10 minutes. Losen edges with spatula or
      knife. Carefully turn into a serving bowl. Garnish with snipped parsley.
      Susan,IN (5:03:44 pm) : Crockery-Stewed Chicken

      1 4-pound stewing chicken, cut-up
      4 celerly stalks with leaves, cut-up
      4 cups water
      1 small onion, sliced
      2 springs parsley
      1 bay leaf
      1 teaspoon salt
      1/4 teaspoon pepper
      1/4 teaspoon dried thyme, crushed
      1/4 teaspoon dried marjoram, crushed
      1/4 teaspoon celery salt

      In crock pot combine all ingredients. Cover and cook on low-heat setting
      8-10 hours. Remove chicken from cooker, strain chicken broth; store in
      covered container. Chill. As soon as chicken has cooked enought to
      remove meat from bones. Discard bones and skin. Place chicken in covered
      container; refrigerate. Makes 4 cups cooked chicken and 4 cups chicken

      Debra, AL (6:40:37 pm) :

      Chicken with Dried Beef
      Recipe By :David Letterman's Mother's Cookbook
      Serving Size : 8 Preparation Time :0:00
      Categories : Crockpot

      1 package dried beef -- rinse and pat dry
      8 boned and skinned chicken breast halves
      8 slices bacon
      1/4 cup sour cream -- not fat free
      1/4 cup flour
      1 can cream of mushroom soup, undiluted
      1/4 cup burgundy -- optional

      On bottom of greased crockpot, arrange dried beef. Wrap each piece of
      chicken with a strip of bacon and lay on top of dried beef.
      In small bowl, blend sour cream and flour; add soup and wine, mix
      thoroughly. Pour over chicken mixture.
      Cover and cook 8 - 10 hours on low (or 3 - 5 hours on high).

      Serve with baked potatoes, green beans and a salad.
      May also be served over hot buttered noodles or rice.

      Especially nice with a 7-layer salad.
      Debra, Al (6:43:53 pm) : Swiss Chicken Casserole

      6 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
      6 slices Swiss cheese
      1 can cream of mushroom soup
      1/4 cup milk
      2 cups stuffing mix
      1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted

      Lightly grease crockpot or spray with cooking spray. Place chicken
      in pot. Top with cheese. Combine soup and milk, stirring well. Spoon
      cheese; sprinkle with stuffing mix. Drizzle melted butter over stuffing
      Cook on low 8 to 10 hours or high 4 to 6 hours.
      Serves 6.
      Debra,AL (6:45:06 pm) : Fiesta Chicken & Black Beans

      3 to 4 boneless chicken breast halves, cut in strips
      1 can (15 -oz) corn, drained
      1 can (15 oz) black beans, rinsed and drained
      1 tablespoon gound cumin
      1 teaspoon chili powder
      1 onion, halved and thinly sliced
      1 green pepper, cut in strips
      1 can (14-oz) tomatoes, chopped
      1 can (6-oz) tomato paste

      Combine all ingredients; mix well. Cover and cook on low for 5 to 6
      Garnish with shredded cheese, if desired. Serve with warmed flour
      or over rice.
      Serves 4.
      Debra,AL (6:45:30 pm) : Crock Pot Chicken And Dressing

      1 stick butter
      1 c. chopped onions
      1 c. chopped celery
      1 pan cornbread (crumbled)
      6 slices bread (crumbled)
      1/4 lb. crackers (crumbled)
      2 tsp. thyme, sage or poultry seasoning
      4 c. chicken broth
      1 (14 oz.) can chicken broth
      4 eggs (beaten)
      1/2 c. milk
      1/2 tsp. baking powder
      3 to 4 c. chicken
      Boil hen or large fryer for your broth and chicken. Saute onions and
      in butter. Pour this mixture over bread crumbs in a very large mixing
      Add seasonings and toss together. Pour enough broth into mixture to
      Add beaten eggs and mix together well. Add baking powder, milk, and
      remaining broth. Mixture should be very slushy. (Pouring point). Add
      chicken. Pack tightly into a 5 quart crockpot Cover and cook on high for
      hour. Reduce to low and cook 4 to 8 hours.
      (8:17:16 pm) : Title: CHICKEN & SAUSAGE GUMBO (CROCKPOT)
      Categories: Cajun, Poultry, Stews, Kooknet, Crockpot
      Yield: 1 servings

      1/3 c All-purpose flour
      1/3 c Cooking oil
      3 c Water
      12 oz Fully cooked smoked sausage
      -links, sliced and
      2 c Chopped cooked chicken
      2 c Sliced okra OR one 10-oz
      -package frozen whole okra,
      1/2 Inch thick
      1 c Chopped onion
      1/2 c Chopped green pepper
      1/2 c Chopped celery
      4 Cloves garlic, minced
      1 ts Salt
      1/2 ts Pepper
      1/4 ts Ground red pepper
      -Hot cooked rice

      For roux, in a heavy 2-quart saucepan stir together flour and oil till
      smooth. Cook over medium-high heat 5 minutes, stirring constantly.
      heat to medium. Cook and stir constantly about 15 minutes more or till a
      dark, reddish brown roux forms. Cool.

      In a 3 1/2, 4-, 5-, or 6-quart crockery cooker place water. Stir in
      Add sausage, chicken, okra, onion, green pepper, celery, garlic, salt,
      pepper, and red pepper. Cover; cook on low-heat setting for 10-12 hours
      on high-heat setting for 4 1/2 to 5 hours. Skim off fat. Serve over
      Makes 6 servings.

      Posted by Michael Prothro KOOK-NET
      : Mike's Resort BBS, Fayetteville,AR,(501)521-8920 Submitted By
      COOK4U@... On THU, 31 AUG 1995 062559 -0400
      (8:20:41 pm) : Title: CROCKPOT CHICKEN & RICE
      Categories: Poultry, Crockpot, Tested, Low-fat, Analyzed
      Yield: 6 servings

      ---------------------------BETTER HOMES &

      1/2 lb Mushrooms, fresh 1/2 c Onions, chopped 2 lb Chicken, raw 1 ts
      Chicken bouillon 1 ts Poultry seasoning 1/4 ts Salt 2 c Water 3/4 c

      Preparation: Slice mushrooms. Remove skin from chicken. Spray 12"
      with nonstick spray coating. Brown mushrooms, onion, and chicken pieces
      all sides over medium heat about 15 minutes. Stir in seasonings and
      transfer to crockpot. Can be refrigerated overnight.

      Start crockpot on LOW. When ingredients are heated, add rice. Cook until

      PER SERVING: 265 cal, 25g prot, 27g carbo, 6g fat, 67mg chol, 20% of
      calories from fat

      From the recipe files of Sylvia Steiger, CI$ 71511,2253, Internet
      sylvia.steiger@... or du_steiger@..., moderator of GT
      Cookbook and FringeNet Lowfat & Luscious echoes Submitted By
      (8:21:37 pm) : Title: CROCKPOT CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP
      Categories: None, Crockpot
      Yield: 10 servings

      3 1/2 lb Broiler-fryer; cut up, skinned
      2 md Carrot; peeled and chopped
      1/2 c Onion; chopped
      2 Celery stalk; chopped
      2 1/2 ts Salt (or less)
      2 ts Dried parsley flakes
      3/4 ts Dried marjoram leaves
      1/2 ts Dried basil leaves
      1/4 ts Poultry seasoning
      1/4 ts Pepper
      1 Bay leaf
      2 qt ;Water
      2 1/2 c Medium egg noodles; uncooked

      Place first 4 ingredients in 3 1/2-quart slow cooker in order listed.
      Combine salt and next 6 ingredients; sprinkle over vegetables. Add 6
      water; cover and cook on low setting 8 to 10 hours. Remove chicken and
      leaf; add remaining 2 cups water. Stir in noodles and cook, cov-ered, on
      high setting 20 minutes. Meanwhile remove bones from chicken and cut
      chicken into bite-size pieces. Add to slow cooker, stir to mix. Cook 15
      minutes on high setting, covered or until noodles are tender.

      per Fred Peters

      Posted By Sam Waring waring@... On rec.food.recipes or
      (8:25:48 pm) : Title: CROCKPOT STUFFED TURKEY BREAST
      Categories: None, Crockpot
      Yield: 8 servings

      1/4 c Butter; melted
      1 sm Onion; finely chopped
      1/2 c Celery; finely chopped
      2 1/2 oz Bacon croutons
      1 c Chicken bouillon
      1 tb Parsley, fresh; minced
      1/2 ts Poultry seasoning
      1 Turkey breast, whole uncooked
      Salt; to taste
      Pepper; to taste
      Cheesecloth (about 24x36" for each turkey breast)
      Wine, white, dry

      Combine butter, onion, celery, croutons, bouillon, parsley, and poultry
      seasoning. Cut turkey breast in thick slices, from breastbone to rib
      leaving slices attached to bone. Sprinkle turkey with salt and pepper.
      cheesecloth in wine. Set turkey on cheesecloth. Stuff bread mixture into
      slits of turkey. Fold one end of cheesecloth over other to cover meat.

      Place on metal rack or trivet in slow-cooking pot. Cover pot and cook on
      low for 7 to 9 hours or until tender. Pour additional wine over turkey
      during cooking. Remove from pot and take cheesecloth off imme- diately.
      browner breast is preferred, remove from pot and brown in 400 degree
      for 15 to 20 minutes. Let stand 10 min. Drippings may be thickened for
      gravy if desired.

      Serve each person one or more thick slices of turkey with dressing in
      between. This recipe designed for 4 1/2 qt or larger slow cooking pot.

      From "Crockery Cookery" by Mable Hoffman
      per Theresa Merkling

      Posted By Sam Waring waring@... On rec.food.recipes or
      Susan,IN (8:45:38 pm) : Hearty Chicken Soup
      Source: Better Homes and Gardens Crockery Cookbook
      Serves: 5 0r 6

      1 16 ounce can tomatoes cut up
      1 1/2 cups diced cooked chicken
      1/2 cup sliced carrot
      1/2 cup sliced celery
      1 3 ounce can sliced mushrooms drained
      3 teaspoons instant chicken bouillon granules
      1 bay leaf
      1/4 teaspoon dried thyme crushed
      5 cups water
      1 cup cooked medium noodles

      In crock pot combine undrained tomatoes, chicken, carrot, celery,
      bouillon, bay leaf, and thyme. Stir in water. Cover and cook on low-heat
      setting for 6 to 8 hours. Turn to high-heat setting; stir in cooked
      Cover, heat through, about 10 minutes. Remove bay leaf.


      Bon Appetit...
      Karl (KE3NF)

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