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44463Re: [slowcooker] RE: REQ: TNT Chili

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  • Lance M
    Feb 7, 2014
      Oh, I know it's much further back than that. I've been on here since '97
      or '98 and I think it was from around that time or not long after.
      I haven't checked the monthly contest winners in a while tho, maybe
      there's something on there.

      And I'm not sure I can actually get on the yahoo page to search. My
      yahoo account was hacked a while back. I had to rejoin most of my
      groups, but I think this was one group that didn't let me. (details have
      been lost in the murk of time but thats the jist even if it doesn't make
      And simply searching doesn't usually give you the essential element of
      personal endorsement. Which is why I ask these type questions.

      >You can put a search for Chili into the Search Conversations box at the top of this page. Then click on the purple box (Search Groups). I tried it and found recipes dating back to 2011 but there may be more. Good luck in finding your Chili recipe!!
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