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44456Re: [slowcooker] Cooking grains in Slow Cooker

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  • Lance M
    Dec 23, 2013
      I haven't done any other grains but white and brown rice in a rice
      cooker, so can't comment from experience about anything else.
      I doubt it would do tougher grains like oats/oatmeal very well tho. I'd
      definitely get a crockpot for those.
      A ricecooker probably would cook faster than a crockpot, but that's not
      necessarily a good thing. ...and I wouldn't leave it on overnite like I
      would a crockpot either.

      I'd say experiment with the grains you use in the rice cooker you
      already have. What doesn't work all that well, try a crockpot.
      But I'd also say get a crockpot anyway. It's is good for so many other
      things tho, it's cheap, doesn't take up much space and versatile. I
      consider it my #1 appliance. Well, maybe after a microwave anyway.

      >great info

      >thanks so much lance

      >which leads to another question ...

      >if all i want to do is cook whole grains,
      >maybe i WOULD do better with a rice cooker ...??

      >the last rice cooker i had though would boil over a bit
      >but i assume it would cook the grains quicker than a
      >slow cooker ...

      >anyway, just some food for thought
      > From: Lance M <monarch@...>
      >To: slowcooker@yahoogroups.com
      >Sent: Saturday, December 21, 2013 4:58 PM
      >Subject: Re: [slowcooker] Cooking grains in Slow Cooker

      >No, none of the crockpots I know of have a sensor to detect when the
      >temp gets past a certain point like rice cookers do. They are made to
      >come to a certain temp and stay there until turned off (or after a
      >certain amount of time they drop to low.)
      >But they do make a great pot of oatmeal overnite, and can handle many
      >other grains quite well.
      >What I would do is find a crockpot (slowcooker of whatever brand) at a
      >good will or other thrift store. (remember, the older the better, imho.
      >if you can find a 70's crockpot with a glass lid, you've hit the
      >jackpot!) Probably will only cost about $10. Try it during the day when
      >you can check on it periodically, then you'll know how long you can
      >leave it to itself.
      >>so i take it none of the slow cookers or
      >>crockpots have a feature where they shut off automatically
      >>once all the liquid has been absorbed ??
      >>i don't currently own one but was thinking
      >>of buying one if i can use it to cook whole grains,
      >>which i eat every day
      >> From: Barbara <barbrus@...>
      >>To: slowcooker@yahoogroups.com
      >>Sent: Saturday, December 21, 2013 12:16 PM
      >>Subject: [slowcooker] Cooking grains in Slow Cooker
      >>I cook Steel Cut Oats overnight in my slow cooker every week ......... also have done rice.
      >>I think any kind of hard grain would cook well in the slow cooker but the only sure-fire way to find out is to try it with whatever kind of grain you want to cook.
      >>Just remember to use the 2 liquid to 1 grain ratio and cook on LOW.
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