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44413RE: RE: Advice needed for new crockpot

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  • deb62862
    Oct 31, 2013

      Until recent weeks, I would have said that Cuisinart is great and couldn't say enough nice things about them.  I had a 7qt. Cuisinart slow cooker for years that I  loved, but someone else accidently broke the ceramic crock and they no longer make that model.  I readily ordered the 6 1/2 qt. instead and it wokred okay, but cooked much slower than my 7 qt. one had. 


      Then. less than a year after purchase, it stopped working.  It would heat for a while and then cut itself off.  As it has a 3 year warranty, I contacted Cuisinart by email with the model and serial number to ask about a repair or replacement.  It took them a week to answer my initial inquiry.  They asked me if I wanted it replaced and, if so, I'd be required to pay $10 for them to ship a new one to me plus whatever it cost for me to ship the broken one back to them.  I agreed and emailed them back to ask for instructions for the return.  I paid about $100 for it and I knew it wouldn't cost me $100 to ship it. 


      After waiting a few days for a response, I finally called them as I use my slow cookers regularly and was getting tired of it taking them so long to respond.  The person on the phone was a bit rude, but set up the exchange for me.  She had difficulty understanding the model and serial numbers I was giving her even though I was saying, for example, C - Cat, M - Man, etc.  That's why I emailed them originally; I thought it might go smoother with the information in print in front of them.  The deal was I had to wait until the new one arrived, take it out, put the broken one back in that box and ship it back to them.  It took a total of 2 1/2 weeks to receive the new cooker.  The best shipping rate I could find for the return was $28.00, so I'm out $38.00 in shipping charges.  I can see from the shipping tracking that the package has been delivered and have asked Cuisinart to confirm this, but they have yet to do so.  No surprise there. 


      I've already used the new one three times and it seems to cook slower as well.  If it breaks again, It certainly won't be worth my expense or trouble to return it and the warranty doesn't restart with the new one.  Its only in effect since my original purchase.


      I've seen a Frigidaire slow cooker on the Costco website.  Anyone had any experience with it?  The thing about buying it from Costco is that I could take it back virtually anytime if it breaks.

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