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37985Re: [slowcooker] Risotto

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  • siharmon@aol.com
    Aug 21, 2008
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      We tried this, and it is pretty good. You may need to adjust the time a bit
      depending on how hot the pot is. Two hours consumed all the liquid and we had
      a little extra browning at the edges. I use one of the newer Rival large ones
      that has two temperatures ... High and Make Steel At Home.

      I think if I'd doubled the recipe it might have alleviated the browning.

      One question: The top was just fine, but the bottom of the risotto was a
      little gummy... is this what you usually see? A good sauce solves it either
      way, but I was just curious...

      Finally, I used a liner, which would be a good idea if you cook this rice
      too long.


      In a message dated 8/17/2008 11:38:09 A.M. Central Daylight Time,
      drcorr@... writes:

      Someone asked me to post to the group the risotto and fish recipes.

      Here is the risotto recipe, it had been posted earlier.

      I will look up the fish recipes, I know she has one for salmon and one for
      scallops. I think I
      used basically the scallop recipe for other fish.

      I have made risotto in the slow cooker many times, and my husband and
      I both think that it comes out wonderfully. I don't think it is quite
      as good as the best we have had in better Italian restaurants, but it
      is one of the recipes that if I haven't made in awhile he will ask
      for it. After it is finished cooking we like to add some cooked
      chicken and asparagus to it.

      I have made this with both white wine and all chicken broth.
      This recipe comes from Lora Brody, Slowcooker Cooking

      Risotto with Parmesan

      One quarter cup of olive oil
      2 Shallots, peeled and minced
      One and one quarter cups Arborio rice
      One quarter cup white wine
      Three and three/quarter cups chicken broth
      1 tsp salt
      One half to two-thirds cup freshly grated parmesan

      Heat the oil in a small sauté pan and sauté the shallots until they
      have softened
      (If your slow cooker insert fits into the microwave you can soften
      the shallots there)
      Scrape into insert. Add the rice to the insert and coat the rice with
      the oil.

      Stir in the wine, broth and salt. Cook on high for about two hours or
      until all the liquid is absorbed.

      Stir in the cheese just before serving.


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