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33Slovene Interpreters Wanted

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  • scolbert56
    Oct 24, 2005
      We are looking for people who are native Slovene (and other eastern
      European language) speakers that live in the US or Canada to become
      telephone interpreters. Our rates are very competitive and you can
      work from your house.

      If you are interested and/or know someone who would be interested
      (although you need not have interpreting experience), please contact
      me (Steven) at scolbert56@.... Please provide as much
      information as possible in the form of a CV or resume that includes:

      * List current and past work experience (3 year range)
      * List field of study, educational degrees completed or in progress
      * List active languages (daily use) and passive languages (occasional
      * List number of years for each language exposure
      * List customer service experience (if any)
      * List paid or volunteer bilingual functions in the workplace (if any)
      * List involvement in community or social services (if any)

      Acrocat Language Services
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