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  • Daniel Tyler
    Jan 30, 2014
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      Hello everyone.
      I am contacting you today in an effort to generate views for our utube videos. They are all short, average about two and a half minutes.
      I would like to ask you to watch them (or just let them play) all the way through. If you want to share with your contacts that would be really great.
      There are many uneventful and boring video's on utube that have hundreds of thousands of views. I am on a mission to find out how they did it. I am almost certain that they cheated by phurchasing views from companies who specialize in such activity online. I think how they avoid detection is by mixing real views with software generated views. Then once the video has fifty thousand views or so it picks up momentum from there on it's own as people watch it simply because it is there on the search results. I am sure several of you have seen the type of video I am speaking of.
      I this case it isn't the thought that counts. So to all that watched at least one, thank you very much for your time and help.
      And Happy Chinese New Years to everyone!
      Daniel Tyler