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Wednesday Hockey

Is this group still around? Can someone add mkknoch@...? They have 5 for this Monday... He has started Wednesday hockey and is open to trying Mondays
Mar 23

(no subject)

http://cgm-web.com/olyloun.php?reedonly=573 Y0u can w0rk t0day c0mf0rtable fr0m y0ur h0me __________________ Expansion.Growing larger; to occupy a greater
Bill Leys
Apr 28, 2012

Re: It's been forever

I'm with Chris I left my stuff at home or I'd totally be there!   ________________________________ Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring
Patrick Zalamea
Apr 17, 2012

Re: It's been forever

Dang! I am already in SLO without my gear. Keep me posted for the next time... I'd love to get back out there if my bearings haven't rusted. Chris
Chris Becker
Apr 17, 2012

It's been forever

But for those of you who still get notices, it appears that there will be noon hockey today (April 17). I'm heading down and a couple of others should be
Apr 17, 2012

Pick up Hockey tomorrow

We are starting up lunchtime hockey tuesdays at noon at santa rosa park. We will be out there most tuesdays, but to be sure, check out the SLO Hockey facebook
Oct 10, 2011

Re: Tuesday Hockey

got 2 on 2 so far for today ... From: Central Coast Powder Subject: Re: [slolunchhockey] Tuesday Hockey To: slolunchhockey@yahoogroups.com
Joe Long
Sep 27, 2011

Re: Tuesday Hockey

I can play on tuesdays, I just can't play this tuesday.
Central Coast Powder
Sep 26, 2011

Re: Tuesday Hockey

Hey we're looking for guys to play on Tuesdays. Looks like 3 so far for tomorrow. Anyone else interested?   ________________________________ Above all else,
Patrick Zalamea
Sep 26, 2011

any goalies out there?

my silver team for the santa maria league needs a goalie. just reply if you area goalie and want to play with us wednesday nights
Sep 26, 2011

Pick up tonight

playing at 6pm til sundown at santa rosa park
Sep 1, 2011

need refs for summer adult league

If you want to referee or know someone who might have them email Brent at the Y. It pays $10/hr and is Tuesday and Thursday nights. bmosbacher@...
Jul 8, 2011

New file uploaded to slolunchhockey

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the slolunchhockey group. File : /Summer
May 10, 2011

pick up this weekend

there is pick up down at paulding in ag at 2pm today. there is pick up here in slo tomorrow at 2pm thats all, have a good weekend
Apr 23, 2011

Re: pick up tomorrow at 6:30

I'm going to show up for an hour. Be kind I'm a first timer at slo hockey Stefan Teitge. Sent from my iPhone
Stefan teitge
Apr 21, 2011
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