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Baird's sandpiper

The first adult Baird's sandpiper showed up today at South Oso Flaco in the creek's "lagoon" (not much of one this year). I expect more to come. Bob Chapman
7:59 AM

banded Least Tern photos requested

Please send me photos of banded California least terns seen (CLTE) near SLO County for this 2017 season. Oceano Dunes State Park is a breeding site for CLTE
Aug 16

Pomarine Jaeger @ Morro Strand 8/15

During our monthly Snowy Plover survey at Morro Strand today, Regena Orr, State Parks volunteer Steve Frost, and I came across a light adult Pomarine Jaeger
Woodrow Eggers
Aug 16

Harmony Headlands State Park, Swainson's Hawk, Lesser Yellowlegs, 8/

This morning I walked from the parking lot at Hwy 1 to the pond where I saw a juvenile Lesser Yellowlegs first reported there yesterday by Kirk Roth. It was
Tom Edell
Aug 14


Great day for Yellow legs today. 4 adults at the Overlook and one adult ans 2 juveniles at Sweet Springs today. Rich & JoAnn Hansen
Aug 12

North Coast birding

Kourtne Smith, Ross Schaefer and Mike Schaefer birded with me today - between Morro Strand and the Elephant Seal lookout near Piedras Blancas. Highlights
Jim Royer
Aug 12

North Coast Birds

Roger Zachary and I birded some favorite oceanside locations between Cambria and Point Sierra Nevada. Nothing earth-shaking, but lots of lovely scenery of
Bill Bouton
Aug 11


A second count tallied 71. Bob Chapman
Aug 11

Juvenile HEEG

55 at Arroyo Grande creek. High number for the season, probably more, can't see the whole flock. Bob Chapman
Aug 11

Turri ponds and Old Creek mouth

This morning there were 19 Red-necked Phalaropes moving about between the first 2 ponds on Turri Rd. Also present were 8 Greater Yellow-legs and a few distant
Kaaren Perry
Aug 11

The north county coast birds

Hi all, Kaaren Perry's post inspired me to have my fun with the cooperative Bonaparte's Gull, Baird's Sandpipers, and Red-necked Phalaropes at Santa Rosa and
David L. Keeling
Aug 10

Red-necked Phalaropes at Morro Creek mouth August 9, 2017

We saw 7 Red-necked Phalaropes at the mouth of Morro Creek this afternoon, the first time we’ve seen them there. The creek had been dry for years but it’s
Kim Davis
Aug 9

Re: Some North County Birds

Sunday we were at Audubon overlook in Baywood and there were at least(!) 40 Yellow legs - looked to be lessers *Claudia * On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 4:36 PM, Bill
Claudia Freitas
Aug 9

Some North County Birds

Some of these have already been reported today. Cayucos Creek mouth: 1 Common Murre: “Ratty” looking; apparently molting out of alternate plumage 2
Bill Bouton
Aug 9

Cuesta Ridge

In the cypress botanic area on west Cuesta I had a male and female HERMIT WARBLER. I suppose they are early-ish. Also a BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER. The
Aug 9
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