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26 NOV 2016 Turri Road Ponds & Misc.

Green-winged Teal - Eurasian type in group of 8 Com Goldeneye - 2 With the extra high tides, parts had water like I had not observed before. Many shore birds
Richard Saval
2:58 PM

white throated sparrow

A first winter White-throated Sparrow is in the yard today along with the small, regular flock of Pine Siskins and the occasional Munia. Near Vet's Hall, SLO.
Nancy Mann
11:48 AM

Evening Grosbeak

Bird continues at Jay's feeder at Pecho and Henrietta in Los Osos. Tom Edell Cayucos, CA  Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone Bird continues at
9:28 AM

Re: Least Bittern Oso Flaco afternoon Thanksgiving Day

Photo just posted...  male least bittern https://www.flickr.com/photos/28154077@N02/23229292082/in/dateposted-public/ I first saw one there on a rainy April
Thomas Slater
Nov 26

Oso Flaco afternoon Thanksgiving Day

Lots to look at, even though it was really crowded. Surprised to see 1 LEAST BITTERN1 AMERICAN BITTERN A lot of regulars to be seen too... Virginia Rail, Sora,
Thomas Slater
Nov 26

Evening Grosbeak

The grosbeak was at the feeder at Henrietta & Pecho in Los Osos this morning at 9:50, though it stayed away a long time after that. Icing on that cake was the
Marlin Harms
Nov 26

Evening grosbeak...

...remains at feeders as reported yesterday, 07:30. Dave Lawrence Sent from my iPhone
David Lawrence
Nov 26

Palm Warbler, Large-billed Savannah Sparrow, Morro Bay State Park Ma

This morning's "king tide" flooded all of the marsh along the Morro Bay State Park Marina boardwalk. A large-billed Savannah Sparrow along the boardwalk was
Tom Edell
Nov 25

Evening Grosbeak in Los Osos

Owen and I went for a hike around the Morro Bay Marina and accidentally saw a PALM WARLBER (Owen didn't even bring his bins). I'm guessing that has been around
Thomas Slater
Nov 25

Re: Evening Grosbeak

I just received word from Owen Slater that he and Tom have the Evening Grosbeak at Jay Carroll's feeder at the corner of Henrietta and Pecho in Los Osos now.
Nov 25

Evening Grosbeak

The Evening Grosbeak was seen frequenting the feeders at 1900 Pecho Rd. at noon today. Thanks to Jim Royer for finding this vagrant and for Jay Carroll for
Bill Bouton
Nov 25

continuing Evening Grosbeak

The bird was returning this morning at about 15-20 minute intervals to my hanging seed feeder at 1900 Pecho Rd. Thanks to Jim Royer for reporting this bird.
Nov 25

Evening Grosbeak

An Evening Grosbeak was just at Jay Carroll's feeder located at the corner of Henrietta and Pecho in Los Osos. Jim Royer Los Osos
Jim Royer
Nov 25

SLO Water Resource Recovery Facility (AKA Wastewater Treatment Plant

A quick noon time check of the clarifiers and the pond at the Los Osos Valley Road end of the facility today turned up four Cackling Geese and one Greater
Tom Edell
Nov 24

Estero Bluffs

Mike Bush and I walked part of Estero Bluffs this morning and the most noteworthy species was a lone Elegant Tern with a group of Royal Terns. There were two
Marlin Harms
Nov 23
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