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psychedelic tanager visiting me

I guess my female is a male... The Summer Tanager is back, but in new clothes. Summer Tanager Yardbird_0196
10:25 PM

Brant Goose

Morro Bay Estuary - This morning at 11:00 observed 300 or more Brant in the pickleweed south of the Marina Boardwalk. Joyce Cory Baywood Sent from my iPad
Joyce Cory
Mar 31

Recent yard birds 03 31 2015

I've have a second White-throated Sparrow visiting my yard the past 4 days. It was not seen today. But didn't have much viewing time. Have 4 adult male
Cheryl Lish
Mar 31

Cloisters sora, pied bill grebe.

Sunday morning found Kristi and I at the cloisters pond. All the usual ducks were out. One black crowned night heron. The highlight of the morning was from the
Tyson Baker
Mar 31

Long-tailed Duck & other Monday birds

The previously reported LONG-TAILED DUCK was with a raft of Surf Scoters in  Morro Bay Harbor.  Two pair of PURPLE MARTINS were checking out cavities in the
Maggie Smith
Mar 30

Cerro Alto Birds

Maggie Smith’s recent post in which she mentioned MacGillivray’s Warblers got me interested in trying to make my first photos of that species. So I went to
Bill Bouton
Mar 30

Cloisters, Estero Bluffs, Laguna Lake, Avila

Our weekend birding was done at Cloisters, Estero Bluff,  Laguna Lake and Avila. Cloisters Pond: A Northern Pintail joined the waterfowl on the pond. Lots of
petra schaaf
Mar 30

Minor peregrien correction

Thanks to Steve Schubert for correcting my peregrine post from yesterday. They nest near the snag, not in it. Johanna Rubba Grover Beach
Johanna Rubba
Mar 30

migrants in Atascadero

I spent 90 minutes on the upper deck this morning (Sunday, 3/29), and there were clearly numbers of birds on the move. I recorded 47 species in the
Kevin Zimmer
Mar 29


Went out to train for seabird monitoring at Shell Beach yesterday. It was very foggy the whole time; never cleared much beyond the beach. Even the near rocks
Johanna Rubba
Mar 29

Oriole & warblers

At Oceano today I had my FOS male Hooded Oriole. Also a dozen Townsend's Warblers and many many brightly colored Yellow-rumped warblers. FOS cliff swallow at
Tom Slater
Mar 28


Greetings, I began placing grape jelly at my feeders March 1. I heard my FOY oriole chatter March 13, and a beautiful Bullock’s Oriole male made the premier
David Lawrence
Mar 28

Western Tanager & Yellow Warbler

Early this morning it was foggy when I arrived at Oso Flaco Lake. A  YELLOW WARBLER was singing in the willows in the parking lot. This is 3 days earlier than
Maggie Smith
Mar 28

Black Vulture - Stenner Creek Road, 3/28

The San Luis Obispo County Black Vulture was seen along upper Stenner Creek Road this morning when Herb Elliott picked it out of a flock of soaring Turkey
Tom Edell
Mar 28

Re: Carrizo Plains 3/15/15

Here are my recordings from my day at Carrizo Plain: http://www.xeno-canto.org/contributor/KGOCOOKTTU?dir=1&order=dt I pretty sure the Le Conte's Thrasher got
Thomas Graves
Mar 28
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