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Great Horned Owls, Merlin. Sweet Springs. 2/6/16

Kristi & I visited Sweet Springs just before dusk on Saturday evening. We were just about to leave when we heard the great horned owls. Luckily, we saw two
Tyson Baker
7:49 PM

SL Creek/Bob Jones Trail Winter Wren

Just watched the bird for about 10 minutes under the bridge at San Luis Bay Dr. at Avila Beach Dr. I tried earlier at 8:00 and the bird was a no show. Walked
Jamie Chavez
Feb 6

Great kettle of Raptors in Atascadero

On 2/5/16, I had a kettle of 3 adult Bald Eagles, 1 second year Bald Eagle, 1 third year Bald Eagle, 1 adult Golden Eagle, 1 Ferruginous Hawk, 4 adult
Kara Hagedorn
Feb 6

Black-throated Sparrows, Quail Springs, Carrizo Plain NM, 5 Feb

This morning Maggie Smith, Herb Elliot and I checked a few locations on the Carrizo Plain. It was cold and one of the roads we tried to drive (Panorama) was
Tom Edell
Feb 5

Greater Roadrunners near Quarry Trail, MBSP

On February 1st at approximately 10 AM, I observed two Greater Roadrunners while jogging along one of the Cerro Cabrillo trails at Morro Bay State Park. The
Woodrow Eggers
Feb 5

Laguna Lake 2/4

Herb Elliott and I birded Laguna Lake this morning.  We saw  the TROPICAL KINGBIRD, HORNED GREBE and  female  COMMON GOLEDENEYE .Seven CASSIN''S KINGBIRDS
Maggie Smith
Feb 4

Western Kingbird, AG Village

Yesterday morning, 2/3, a WESTERN KINGBIRD perched among eight CASSIN'S KINGBIRDS along Arroyo Grande Creek in the village. The eight Cassin's have been there
Brad Schram
Feb 4

Horned Grebe, Laguna Lake, 2/3

A Horned Grebe found at Laguna Lake by Petra and Jack Clayton on 1 Feb continued today at noon. This is the first record for this species at the lake. In
Tom Edell
Feb 3

North Coast 2/3

Maggie Smith and I headed north along the coast this morning, taking advantage of the clear weather to stop at several vistas long the way. The most fun was
Kaaren Perry
Feb 3

Thank you for the excellent resources

We've been visiting the last week in Morro Bay and Los Osos, and want to commend the Morro Coast Audubon Society for putting the Bird Finding Guides on the
David Biek
Feb 2

Mountain Plovers, Carrizo Plain 2/1

Ron Beck and I enjoyed a beautiful clear day of the Carrizo Plain and a dusting of snow on the Temblor and Caliente Ranges. Our highlight was a total of 143
Tom Edell
Feb 1

Gulls on North Coast

This morning I decided to check out a few creek mouths after yesterdays rains. First stop was Morro Creek where, in addition to Western Gulls, I also had one
Kaaren Perry
Feb 1

Carrizo Plain Snow 1-31

Briefly stopped by Hwy 166 southern entrance on my drive back to Nipomo from Bakersfield.It started to snow. I saw an American Robin and then stopped to watch
Thomas Slater
Feb 1

Dead Goldfinches

I live in the north end of Paso Robles and I have found approximately 4 dead goldfinches in my yard in the past month. I removed all my feeders because I was
Margot Honeck
Jan 31

possible "Red" Fox Sparrow in Los Osos

I had an interesting Fox Sparrow in my yard across from Pecho Willows this morning that seemed to have good characteristics for one of the subspecies included
Jan 31
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