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Pismo Creek mouth

Greetings, This evening there were a few interesting birds in the lagoon at Pismo Creek mouth, including 1 Greater Scaup, 1 Greater White-fronted Goose, 4
David Lawrence
Jun 1

Northern Parula

The N. Parula is still present at Pecho Willows as of 7am this morning. Seen in same spot Jay had it - to right of main trail about 50 feet past last big
Jim Royer
May 31

Montana De Oro State Park

Hello all, I ran along Islay Creek Rd. at dusk tonight. 2 COMMON POORWILLS were calling 15 minutes past sunset from the usual location on the slopes 1/4 -1/2
steve schubert
May 30

Skimmer and Cackling Goose from Elfin Forest 5/30

This morning I scoped from the platform at Bush Lupine Point (north of the end of 13). I had a Black Skimmer on a sandbar with Caspian Terns and Tom Edell's
Jim Royer
May 30

Northern Parula - Pecho willows Los Osos

Early this afternoon I got good looks at a NORTHERN PARULA deep in the willows along the trail section bordering the wetland. The small bird was grayish above
May 30

Some safe baby bird reports

Hi all, There are at least two sets of baby pied-billed grebes at the Cloisters pond in Morro Bay. I see them from each of the two overlook locations. It is
David L. Keeling
May 27

Kestral Close Up

My friend found an American Kestral chick on her property and she called me up to identify it. I hustled out to see it and luckily Owen spotted it on a branch
May 27

Band-tailed Pigeons and Rock Pigeons

Toro Creek Rd, Cayucos, about 2.5 miles up the road, a mixed flock of about 200 Band-tailed Pigeons and Rock Pigeons were feeding in a recently cut hay field.
Joyce Cory
May 27

Cambria Water Plant area 5/26

Parking at Shamel Community Park about 4pm, I walked back along Windsor Rd. to the treatment plant, heard/saw multiple Orange Crowned Warblers, Wilson's
May 26

L RTH; Rodent baiting @Turri Rd-West 5/25

Near the small windmill on the west side, I saw the leucistic RTHawk at ground, eating prey on the hillside well above the road. Alarmingly, I also saw 6 white
May 26

Blackpoll Warbler

A female Blackpoll Warbler was in my yard this morning around 7:10 am.Had the color of an orange-crowned Warbler but with wing bars, and was a little washed
Thomas Slater
May 26

Carrizo Plains 5-25-15

Their were several notable birds out at Carrizo Plains Today. Several RED TAILED HAWKS were out flying and hunting, many COMMON RAVENS were out, and a few were
May 26

Re: Dark-eyed Junco locations

Nipomo Regional Park (a mile straight down Tefft Ave in Nipomo) is the go to spot for Juncos.They're numerous, easily found (park in the upper parking lot
Thomas Slater
May 25

Oso Flaco Memorial Day

I knew what I was getting in to, but I went anyway. Just me and 100 of my favorite friends romping around Oso Flaco. I did take the sandy maintenance road and
May 25

Dark-eyed Junco locations

Hello! I am currently a senior at Cal Poly working on my senior project with a two other people. We are looking for dark-eyed juncos in SLO county in noisy
May 25
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