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Glaze Recipe Needed

Does anyone have a low fire Green glaze recipe that is transparent that I can use on christmas trees. My current recipe is no good anymore, cant find lead
Oct 27

Re: Fitting lid on trinket box

we slip saran wrap or tissue paper between the parts as they dry, then they will not stick together. David
Country House Ceramics
Oct 9

Re: Fitting lid on trinket box

Taking it out too soon or pouring too heavy.Must dry together and fired tovether in greenware stage.Good luck. Sent from my MetroPCS 4G LTE Android Device ...
Oct 9

Fitting lid on trinket box

Hi everyone it's me again Stephanie, I have a new problem. I am trying to pour the Doc Holiday oval trinket box. I am having a problem with the lids. I can not
Oct 9

Re: Clogged Pump

Thank you everyone......I will try your suggestions.
Oct 9

Re: Clogged Pump

Good morning, You are obviously getting lumps in your mix, to help overcome this when you are running the pump you need to open the dispensing nozzle as well
Malcolm Stow
Oct 8

Re: Clogged Pump

I also hang my pump handle up above the pour table and float aprox.2cups water over the slip and cover the pourtable with a tarp to keep it from drying
Oct 6

Re: Clogged Pump

Even tho you run it, may sure you keep the slip stirred up. I use a broom handle to get it stirred up deep. Also run the pouring spout when you run it a bit
- gunny -
Oct 6

Re: Clogged Pump

When finished pouri ng I always put mine in a bucket of water.i keep a five gallon bucket half full of water .Worked for me never had a clogged pump . Sent
Oct 6

Clogged Pump

Good morning everyone, I need some help with my pouring table pump. My pump to my pouring table keep getting clogged. I only pour on Saturday and Sundays but I
Oct 6

Re: Glenview picture

I can take pictures of the colored pages and post them here, if that helps. Rose
Sep 21

Glenview picture

This is exactly what I was looking for........does anyone have a catalog for sale?.......I knew I could count on the slipdippers
Sep 21

Re: Picture or tech sheet

Click on Photos at the top of the page to see a picture of the Glenview . Rose
Sep 17

Arkansas shops

What city are you close to? I have Fashenhues Dealers in Little Rock, Fort Smith & Russellville... They have shops at each lovation Ruth Ann Jackson Perkins
Ruth Ann Jackson Perkins
Sep 16

ceramic supplies

looking for someone in central Arkansas to fire my ceramics. Also looking for source to buy slip.
Marlena DePetris
Sep 16
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