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First Post-Leader Introduction

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  • Miranda R.
    Welcome to Sw-Washington NINO! We re excited to be getting this going as I m seeing more and more Babywearers in the area, and I d like to see that even more
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      Welcome to Sw-Washington NINO! We're excited to be getting this
      going as I'm seeing more and more Babywearers in the area, and I'd
      like to see that even more frequently! First of all, this group for
      now will be led by me, and my sister Amber Langeliers. She'll be
      doing her intro soon.

      We're working on a place to meet at, and are planning to have the
      first meeting in the beginning of December. The plan at first is to
      just invite those we know or meet that are interested in babywearing,
      or those that are already obsessed with it-LOL. Then we'll start

      My name is Miranda Roller. I'm 29 and have lived in this area my
      whole life except for a brief 2 year stay in the midwest and
      South...and I don't really want to go back there...the Northwest is
      fantastic! But back to my intro. I've been married 7 years to a
      wonderful man and am a stay-at-home-Mama to my 3 kids: Adin 4/01,
      Elisabeth 7/03 and Isaac 10/05.

      I came upon babywearing by necessity when Adin was about 3 weeks
      old. He was VERY needy, so I couldn't put him down and I was
      desperate for something that would help. He hated the snuggly that
      someone had lent to us, but then I happened upon a "Nojo" padded ring
      sling at a consignment store. Once I figured it out, we used it
      daily for the first 3 months, and then I upgraded to an "Over the
      Shoulder Baby Holder". We used that for the first 2 years, until
      Elisabeth was born. Then I got a Maya Wrap (unpadded ring sling).
      Wow, it was great! She was much less needy than Adin, but I still
      wore her a lot, especially when we were out and about.

      When I was pregnant with Isaac, I invested in a fleece Hotsling and a
      stretch cotton Hotsling (a pouch carrier). Those became our favorite
      carrier for the first few months, until I discovered The Baby Wearer
      website. Then I branched out and started using Mei Tai's, and then
      wraps. I actually love all types of carriers now and I'm excited to
      help spread the Babywearing love! :) And also enjoy being with local
      Moms with similar interests. It's going to be fun getting to know

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