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  • konshak
    Jun 18, 2017

      I wanted to touch base with all of you, many of which are Friends of the Museum. I am attempting to modernize the website a bit, the first task is to make the webpages more mobile friendly which involves proper meta tag and taking advantage of CSS (style sheets). The 2nd is to give it a slightly different menu system to eliminate the FRAMES I used back in 2002. I am working on a top dropdown menu system and am having to change over 100 webpages to get them all sync up to each other. My web pages will become SHTML rather than HTML. so I can use a server side INCLUDE. This allows me to update the menu and the other pages will load it up when called.

      Please visit http://sliderulemuseum.com to see the new header. I have moved the Brand Index list away from the left vertical nav frame into a separate page.

      Then go peruse http://sliderulemuseum.org/ 

      I bought this domain to expirement with and it will use the images from the .com Right now, there are only a few pages that can be reached with the menu. WhatsNew, About, SRM_Intro. Expect lots of problems, but I would like your opinion on the interface to see if you like it better.

      I am way behind on scanning and posting. I have about 300+ slide rules/books that need to get scanned, images to be edited, then posted into the galleries and then archived. Additionally all the artifacts at ISRM need to be put into some logical storage system so they can be found easily. 

      I am attempting to renew my fervor for the service I provide after some disappointments in 2014, I escaped to Mexico for 5 months, but am now spending everyday catching up here in Colorado. I was able to maintain the slider rule loaner program, and mailing costs have been covered by a few supporters that have made donations.

      That being said, if anyone would like to become a Friend of the Museum or those that are already Friends, please consider a modest donation to help build the New International Slide Rule Museum website. Suggestions are always welcome.

      Thank you very much for your past concern and support.

      Mike Konshak