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Re: Scanner-advice needed .. ... I use an Epson GT-1500, which gives good depth-of-field, but the flat bed isn't legal size. Spec is 8.5" x 11.7". De

Dennis Boone
3:38 PM

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Re: Scanner-advice needed .. Scanning is the best way to do it, however be careful in buying used scanners. I have 3 that will not work on Windows 7. There are no Windows 7 drivers for

3:11 PM

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Scanner-advice needed .. My Aristo (0)968 documentation-project has reached the point where I need to scan all the rules +extras - Preferably in one scan for each complete side .. For

2:15 PM

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Re: Faber-Castell Good points about the potential pitfalls of silicone-based lubricants. They are hard to remove. That is also one of their great benefits. Volatilization and

Feb 25

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Re: Faber-Castell Silicone oil is exceptionally difficult to remove, and impossible from plastics for the following reason. The European Space Agency (and probably NASA too)

Craig Sawyers
Feb 24

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Re: Newbie question there are usually a few instruction manuals available on eBay--some specific to Pickett From: "disco1999@... [sliderule]" To:

Elton Michael
Feb 23

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Re: Faber-Castell Silicone oil comes in many grades. Some of them might lubricate your plastic rule, but some may bog the slide badly. Removal usually requires an alcohol-based

William Brohinsky
Feb 23

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Pin. Is the International Slide Rule Group logo availabile as a lapel pin? James Alden Lea

Jim Lea
Feb 22

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Re: Nestler Slide rule on ebay The fact that all slide rules are at least "vintage" was exactly my point. If you are selling a wrist watch on eBay that was made in the 1940s, then describing

Feb 22

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Re: Newbie question The Oughtred Society website has a lot of good information. http://www.oughtred.org/   On Sunday, February 22, 2015 12:38 PM, "disco1999@... [sliderule]"

Michael Jarvis
Feb 22

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Re: Faber-Castell: plus vintage Hi all, Pledge works very well on bike tubing as well. Keeps the grit and crud from roadways from sticking to your bike. Start with a clean bike, of course,

Michael Coover
Feb 22

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International Slide Ruler Group Pin. I am impressed with our logo. Is it available as a lapel pin? James Alden Lea

Jim Lea
Feb 22

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Re: Newbie question Hi newbie! In my oppinion the best place to found lots and lots of informatin about slide rules is on the International Slide Rule Museum home page:

Feb 22

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Re: Nestler Slide rule on ebay ... It makes sense with those other items, because there are non-vintage versions of those, but there are very few non-vintage slide rules. -- Stefan

Stefan Vorkoetter
Feb 22

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Newbie question Sorry for annoying anyone for this boring question. I'be never used a slide rule before and now the proud owner of what appears to be a relatively new

Feb 22
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