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This Company still have some stocks of Slide Rules

This Singapore Company still have some stocks of new-old-stock shelf-worn but first hand (i.e. unsold) Slide Rules remaining from the 1970s
Dec 15, 2015

A W Faber-Castell 52/80 Mentor slide rule for sale

A nice clean example of an A W Faber-Castell 52/80 Mentor slide rule with German Instructions on UK eBay Rule is NIB - if interested, please see photos and
David Nichols
Nov 8, 2015

Re: Testing

Works.  On mold, a method not likely too practical except for items you would otherwise throw out is to dip them in ethylene glycol (regular) anti-freeze. 
willy reid
Oct 3, 2015


Just checking to see if this works. Have seen no posts for almost 3 weeks.
Not Here
Sep 26, 2015

Looking for a Pickett 110-ES

Hi, I'm collecting some slide rules. For some years I'm looking for a Pickett 110ES to buy or trade. I have a ROPLEX-Graphoplex or a Pickett C18-ES , that I
Jul 28, 2015

Want to buy a Pickett Electronic Tech Slide Rule Model 535

I would like to purchase this slide rule from anyone other than Ron Knapp mailto:rakkar01@... (rakkar01@...). Is there a serious seller with
Jul 23, 2015

Pickett 535 electronic tech slide rule

Anyone have one for sale? frankbr at ix(dot)netcom( dot )com
Jul 12, 2015

9x NIB Diwa Darmstadt 551-1 in blue box .

For sale are 9x NIB Diwa Darmstadt 551-1 slide rules, in one lot . Complete with outer card-board box (blue) in perfect unopened condition, 2-piece plastic
Jul 4, 2015
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Rare HONO "negative" slide rule

For your consideration is a very rare 5-inch slide rule . It has no maker or model identification-marks but is similar to "Hono Rietz - Jap.125" except that
Jun 17, 2015

UTO 301U dual-slide machinist slide rule

Something rare for the special-purpose collectors, a Danish UTO 301U "Regnestok for Maskinbearbejdning" . Dual slides and .25x magnifying cursor .. UTO 301U -
Jun 3, 2015

FaberCastell 2/84 Mathema

Rare hyperbolic sliderule from faber castell. This particular one was made in February 1953 according to the date stamp. Details and photos can be found here:
Thomas Krämer
May 29, 2015

Brzilian slide rules to trade

Hi, do anyone are intersted to have Brazilian slide rules in your collection? I have 2 pocket Archimedes 12-C and wihr manual and the original plastic box. I
Feb 18, 2015

Looking for a usuable condition non-mint Analon

Hi all, I recently started Engineering Physics so I'm looking for a working (definitely non-mint) condition K&E Analon - Wasn't watching ebay in December but
Feb 9, 2015

NEW source of slide rule found

Hi folks. This is my first posting in years. Found, new source of slide rules, in Melaka town, Malaysia, particulars as follows:- Tai Chong Stationers Sdn. Bhd
Dec 24, 2014

Nestler 0280 Geometer

Hi Folks - I am interested in acquiring one a Nestler 0280 Geometer. This is the 360d, sexagesimal version; not the 0281 400g version. I would prefer new or
Dec 10, 2014
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