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[sherbak@ATTGLOBAL.NET: ADF CARES - Announcing ADF-CARES and what you can do to help!]

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  • Rob Henderson
    (ADF members can join the ADF-Discuss list by visiting:) http://www.adf.org/members/forums/subscribe.html ... The recent tragedies in Louisiana, Alabama and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2005
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      (ADF members can join the ADF-Discuss list by visiting:)


      ----- Forwarded message from Chris Sherbak <sherbak@...> -----

      The recent tragedies in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi have
      touched us all, reminding us how fragile our lives are. Natural
      reactions to such news vary from shock, dismay and fear to feelings
      of powerlessness and concern for family and friends not even struck
      by disaster.

      However, as spiritually minded people, we know that we are often at
      our best in times of struggle and adversity. Our connections to our
      People, our Gods and our Ancestors are keenly felt and we strive to
      support and relieve the suffering of those less fortunate.

      In that spirit of Community, a number of ADF members have joined together
      to help assist members who have been affected by the disaster, either
      directly or indirectly and provide a way for anyone to help in that

      We call that effort ADF-CARES, and whatever form it takes at some
      late date, today we take on these small tasks:

      *) Identify members in the affected regions and proffer whatever
      assistance we can give
      *) Identify and assist any family or friend of members who are
      similarly stricken by this disaster
      *) Provide a place for all members of ADF, whatever their capacity to
      give or their desire to help, a way to touch lives in company with
      their Tribe.
      *) Identify resources that can be distributed when things have calmed
      down a bit: clothing, ritual garb, books, computers, kitchen ware,

      Initially, as has been posted many times here, we suggest that the
      best and most immediate way to assist in the relief effort is to
      donate to the American Red Cross either directly at their site
      [http://www.redcross.org] or via the generously offered link hosted
      at 6th Night Grove [http://www.6thnight.org/] to have the total
      donation made in ADF's name.

      However, we plan on further activities and are looking for volunteers
      to assist. If you have crafted a prayer of praise or aid or even
      lamentation, please share it. If you can offer contact services or
      any of a number of things, please share it as well. As ideas and
      offers appear, we will be collecting and helping coordinate efforts.

      At this time, e-communication will be done here on ADF-DISCUSS, but
      in order to assist in automatic routing of mail, please add [ADF-
      CARES] to your subject line.

      Together we can make a difference!

      Yours in the Mother,

      Barbara Wright, SD, Wild Onion
      Ansara, SD, 6th Night
      Flip, GO, Midnight Sun PG
      Anne Lenzi, NW Regional Druid
      Selene, SD, Mystic Ash
      Meredith McDonald, GO Awensbreath

      Want to talk to a real person? Chris Sherbak (773) 489-5766 - anytime
      - always taking collect calls from ADF members. ----------------------
      Chris Sherbak "I love my job..." | Wild Onion Grove,
      ICQ: 6593002 |
      AIM/AOL/Yahoo!: DruBear |
      Internet: sherbak@... | Chicago, IL
      B3 f+ t+ w+ g+ s- (It's a bear thing...)
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