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Runic Reiki at Guild Day

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  • Rob Henderson
    An update on Sunday s Runic Reiki meeting (for more info, see the previous post or e-mail uberrod@comcast.net): ... -- RobH (or Rob Henderson, if you prefer) /
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2 5:36 AM
      An update on Sunday's Runic Reiki meeting (for more info, see
      the previous post or e-mail uberrod@...):

      Forwarded message:
      > Rob had mentioned that the Runic Reiki portion would begin at 3pm this
      > Sunday (Jan. 4). Actually it will begin at 2pm. I will need both the
      > Magicians and Healers Guild meetings to cover Runic Reiki, and perhaps some
      > of the Warriors meeting time as well.
      > Come and explore this new form of Reiki that uses the Runes and other
      > symbols specific to this particular form. It's not only a healing system,
      > but can be used for magickal work as well. It is unlike any other form of
      > Reiki and is a system that is complete in itself. I hardly dare to call it
      > Reiki at all, except that it is energetically based and one doesn't use
      > their own energy to make it work, which is very much the core of what Reiki
      > is all about. I will be giving attunements for Runic Reiki and showing how
      > to use this system including giving attunements and creating magickal
      > objects. Unlike regular Reiki, there is only one attunement for the
      > complete system.
      > Rod

      RobH (or Rob Henderson, if you prefer) / robh@...
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