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Magician's Guild activity

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  • Rob Henderson
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      This Sunday, at Rob Henderson's apartment, from 2-4pm, the Magician's Guild
      will be making beeswax candles for our Grove to sell, hopefully at Samhain
      Harvest. It may not be the most magickal of topics, but it's a fun topic,
      nevertheless. I invite everyone out to take part.

      Guild Master, Magician's Guild, SLG

      RobH (or Rob Henderson, if you prefer) / robh@... / ICQ# 4735064
      We hang on to every line and walk straight down the middle of it. (Kate Bush)
      What would Brian Boitano do if he were here right now? (the South Park movie)
      Shining Lakes Grove (ADF) Web page: http://www.msen.com/~robh/slg/
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