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Life After the Potters House taken down from Tripod

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  • kenhaining777
    The following post is by Steve Schoner, which he put up on Loki s potting shed, Perry s message board. Steve has been exposing the fellowship of Wayman O. for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2010

      The following post is by Steve Schoner, which he put up on Loki's potting shed, Perry's message board.  Steve has been exposing the fellowship of Wayman O. for decades, and was known years ago as one of the men who would come out to protest Prescott conference.  He has the dubious honor of having been sued by CFM, the suit having been eventually dropped.

      My reply follows Steve's post.


      Hello all,

      Seems some potterite finally was able to take down my Life After Potters
      House page from Tripod.

      I have inquired as to who and why this was done as all here know that it
      has been up and running for near 22 years.

      So, why the problem now? I would sure like to know.

      I have all the files and would like to re-establish it again. I was
      quite popular as a resource.

      Steve Schoner
      Life After Potters House.


      Hi Steve. The internet is becoming more and more a part of everyday
      life. As a result of that, when CFM, Potter's House, The Door, members
      get disillusioned with Wayman's World, they can pop on the internet and
      do a search. In the old days people couldn't do that, and they would
      be reindoctrinated and pulled back into the whirlpool of the fellowship.
      I believe this ability to read testimonies of ex members right at the
      moment when the current member is starting to see through Wayman's
      scam is accelerating the exodus of members, which is deadly for the
      fellowship. Their entire existence is based on being able to recruit
      new people at a rate that matches or exceeds the exodus of old members.
      If the number of people leaving starts to significantly exceed the
      number of people being ensnared, then the days of the fellowship are

      Since the name of your group had "The Potter's House" in it, it would
      readily come up on searches. So, someone targeted you to get your page
      taken down. The way they do that is they have a lawyer send a
      threatening letter to the server. Rather than go through a legal
      battle, most servers will just take the page down. This is how Naboth's
      page was taken down. I am not sure how big of a server Tripod is, and
      that is usually the determining factor. With Yahoo, they would face a
      real uphill battle, as Yahoo has tons of lawyers looking for something
      to do. Facebook also would probably be too big for them to successfully
      threaten. However, if you want your own webpage, then you have to find
      a server, as you know.

      The fact that these guys in Wayman's fellowship consider these type
      pages, such as yours, to be enough of a threat to try and eliminate
      them, shows that they are effective. Otherwise, why would they bother?
      I was talking with another ex member of the Tucson church, who had also
      been in for a long time, and we both agreed that if the internet had
      been around back in the 70s with the kind of information that is
      available now on the fellowship of Wayman O., we both would have gotten
      out much, much sooner. I am certain, in fact, that I would have gotten
      out the first year. Or, if when I started visiting the church, I had
      looked them up online, I probably never would have been snared in the
      first place.

      So, I do hope you get your site back up. If you don't mind, I would
      like to put this message up on Escape From the Fellowship, and several
      other message boards. This message board is set up so that only members
      can read it. I would like people to see just how desperate these guys
      are getting.







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