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Memorial Day in Prescott

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  • jude_andrewz
    Well, da wifey and I just got back from our annual festivities in Prescott, which we embark upon every Memorial Day beginning with a visit to the Prescott
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2010
      Well, da wifey and I just got back from our annual festivities in Prescott, which we embark upon every Memorial Day beginning with a visit to the Prescott National Cemetery there just north of town on Hwy 89 - not far from Wayman O. Mitchell's infamous church organization, The Potter's House. While at the Cemetery we strode thru a couple of sections of it, straightening a few flags and just generally remembering what freedom really cost many of those interred
      there who stood on foreign soil & fought bravely to defend our country as well as the lands of others around the world who enjoy freedom. Barely a dozen folks were there yesterday, but I recall many times going there and never seeing another living soul.

      From the Cemetery we motored into town taking Gurley St down to Montezuma St where the infamous Whiskey Row is with it's numerous bars, art galleries, Indian jewelry shops, leather shops, coffee houses, book stores, and enough culture to actually choke a horse. Not to mention all of the culture available at the Park across the street there where the Courthouse is located. The park was teeming
      with people crowding thru booths and tables set up where artisans hawked their wares and wanna be musicians strummed their out of tune guitars. Wifey & I waded thru the art work and hordes of folks looking for that special painting, a new hat or a pair of earings. We got off fairly light having bought a couple of Latte's across the street on the Row, sipping them on the sidewalk sitting in cozy chairs provided by the proprietors, enjoying the cool breeze and watching the people cruising back and forth. Up the the street I spotted a purse I purchased for wifey's up and coming birthday after seeing her inspect it and giving it a highbrows nod of approval.

      We made our way thru a few shops, checking out all the stuff, smelling the smells, taking in the sounds and sights and then we decided it was time to grab a bite to eat. We perambulated down Montezuma to El Charro's Mexican Food which has been there since 1957. We enjoyed some HOT spicey enchiladas, tacos, chile rellanos, chicken burritos, with all the trimmings of beans, rice, chips &
      salsa, plus huge iced teas and we left there "suffering from a heap of comfort" as folks in Texas are known to say (at least my Texas shirt-tail cousins, inlaws & outlaws say that!)

      We piled in the "family truckster" as Chevy Chase dubbed his trusty road vehicle in one of those 'Vacation" flicks way back, and wound our way back outa the town up Hwy 89 just to get a glimpse of the Dome of the Rock as it were there in Prescott, home of Pope Wayman, founder of the "Greatest Move of God in the Earth since Biblical times" as PH pastors are often known or wont to say. One lone
      vehicle out in the middle of the huge lot sat parked, which was no doubt a member of either house cleaning or security, given the fact it was run down and old, and most definitely NOT Wayman O's Buick. (Or his he driving something else these days?)

      It hit me all of a sudden that for all of that HUGE expanse of property here it is Memorial Day and NOT a single thing going on at the church! As we whizzed by it dawned on me as we waded thru the park that lo and behold there was the Gazebo where Eden had performed back in the 70's along with other PH bands. For all of these people cruising thru downtown Prescott, half of them obviously drinking, there was no evangelistic effort from Potter's House whatsoever! At
      one point I thought I saw a PH flyer lying in the street near a trash
      receptacle. I stooped to pick it up but hesitated when I saw a picture of a near naked man holding a keg of beer on his shoulder with one arm and a syphon hose running to his cheesey grin. The words "Party Hearty in Prescott!" were emblazened across the flyer with directions to late night festivities to occur later last night.

      It was strange - here I am in the religious center of the Universe for all Potterdom and not one person representing the PH was at the park witnessing, evangelizing, out-reaching, handing out flyers or tracts and not one single band there playing the usual rip off cover tunes cleaned up just enough to be Potter friendly... not a single person strumming their out of tune guitars lauding the wonders of Mitch or the Potter's! All upo and down Whiskey Row, not a person
      from the Greatest Move of God in the Earth was seen handing out Chick tracts or yelling at sinners telling them they are going to hell!

      As I looked back over my shoulder at Mitchell's kingdom there on Hwy 89 it dawned on me that his kingdom has been built already! No need to prowl thru the citizens and tourists of Prescott to captivate an audience. No need to rub shoulders with all those sinners because the offerings at PH are still good, the seats are full and the chairs are too! ;) Mitchell already has his Pyramid scheme in place - why troll the streets of Prescott for more? Why should he get out there in the heat (actually it was very comfortable in the low to mid 70's!)
      and get his white shirt all sweaty & dirty? Ha! As IF he ever did! LOL

      I find it very interesting that Prescott is the hub of all things Mitchell and the town is FULL of people from ALL directions on a Holiday and not a single person from the PH is there to represent ANY of it, ie the church, Mitchell, the PH as an organization, the Bible as if they actually believe in any of it, The Church as if they actually believed in the Body of Christ or the Lord Himself as if they actually believe in Him!

      I have to ask, what did Wayman Mitchell do yesterday? He certainly wasn't at the National Cemetery admiring the spot of earth where his remains will be enterred. Yes, he has pre-arrangements to be buried there. A few years back the Veterans Administration announced they were closing that Cemetery as soon as if was full, pending the deaths of a very small number who had already made prior arrangements for future burial. Now the Cemetery has been enlarged after an
      adjacent piece of ground was willed or deeded to them whch opened up plots for 100's more to be buried as well as outdoor mauselium styled 'lockers' for urns. In any event Mitch has his spot picked out and he didn't show up. Perhaps he was counting his money?! The old miser that he he is certainly would take stock of his life on a day like Memorial Day and count his beans.

      Where were everyone else from the Prescott Potter's House? Certainly they weren't all out of town or hidden behind closed doors, pulled drapes or in their prayer closets! To think the vast expanse of real estate at the PH headquarters sat their vaccant and abandoned all day save one car driven by a broom pusher or the guy seated in the control booth watching the screens for potential trespassers with the intent of tagging the walls with anti-PH sentiments or a dozen eggs with which to decorate the windows.

      I guess sinners aren't really that importanat to Wayman Mitchell and his CULT! It appears that the "Greatest Move of God in the Earth Since Biblacal Times" is really a hoax after all! Or else they would have had their doors open at the church. Their presence would have been seen and heard there in downtown Prescott where 1000's of people began gathering early in the morning, stirring all thru the day, until way into the night! They would have been seen and heard!
      Evidently it isn't the real deal as we were led to beleive it was years ago. Obviously we were led down the garden path!

      The men in Mitchell's camp have come and gone, but he still holds an audience and still commands a flock with his stable of pastors and evangelists, who even though there is this revolving 'Door" of people both behind the pulpit and out front, there are still those who Mitch has convinced that they are fulfilling their 'destiny' by involving with Mitch & Co. Oh, the mighty in Mitch's ranks have come and gone, and many are still out there somewhere doing something, somewhere. The Ron Jones's & Larry Huch's are still around, doing their thing,
      their own thing, which is just like Mitch's thing - so in the end the people are still treated to a version of "Sing Along With Mitch" that in the end is still just SSDD (same sh*t, different day!) with Jones and his own pyramid and Huch fleecing the flock with his "Larry the Huckster" TV evangelist scam peddling supposed insider information of blessings from Abraham he has just re-discovered which he will share with you for only a one time gift of $1000 or a lifetime pledge of $10 per month, a pint of blood, a pound of flesh, and an offering of
      the first born from your house. Mitch must be seething in jealousy that Huch & Tiz are hawking their wares on Satelite TV a'la Jim Bakker & Tammy Faye with enough BS and bad hair to build a campaign platform and enough make up to propel a rocket ship to the moon (Alice!)...

      I have to sit and wonder, now nearly rested from our journey, what sort of journey others have been on all these years, giving every last dime and speck of time and energy to Mitchell and his false vision, especially for that of Prescott, which he claimed he would subdue with the Gospel (err 'gospel' of Mitch that is!) with the ministry he claims God gave him. All that real estate sitting silent and vaccant yesterday and not a single tract or flyer passed out,
      or a song sang or even the testimony of one of Mitchell's Potter's House saints on the street with 1000's of strangers wandering the streets of Mecca err Prescott on a holiday during one of the nicest days of the year weather wise.

      I have to ask as well... where were the Calvary Chapel people? Doesn't any of these churches believe or practice the basic tenants that they were supposedly founded upon?

      Evidently NOT!

      Jude A
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