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Re: The church down your street - What you can expect.

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  • naboth675
    I ve just had a phone call from a guy claiming that someone from the Northampton Potters House accused him of putting posters up against their church.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 6, 2009

      I've just had a phone call from a guy claiming that someone from the Northampton Potters House accused him of putting posters up against their church. Apparently that church has now become a protest target. That's the first I or the person I spoke to knows about it. if anyone has any further info then do enlighten us.



      --- In slamthedoor_on_the_pottershouse@yahoogroups.com, "naboth675" <naboth675@...> wrote:
      > I type this with a recent membership rerquest in mind and with it the
      > information that the Potters House are planning to base themselves in
      > that persons street. As someone who has been part of that organisation
      > for many years {and thankfully there no longer} and with good knowledge
      > of the church in Northampton, this is what you can expect.
      > 1 - The streets around the church will be regularly bombarded with
      > religious junk mail. Putting up signs saying 'no junk mail or circulars'
      > will often make no difference as they believe you NEED to read what they
      > have and that circumvents your request not to be bombarded with their
      > flyers. As someone who has done this for years I know only too well this
      > is routine in many of their churches.
      > 2 - You can expect loud music late into the night. The Northampton
      > Potters House like many others of their type have held town centre music
      > outreaches with music so loud shop windows were shaking. They refused to
      > turn it down even when requested to do so by the police. They have such
      > a view of their own importance that they think that in these things they
      > are above the law. Anyone who complains is seen as doing the work of the
      > devil and trying to oppose the church. {I kid you not.}
      > 3 - You can expect crownd sof people milling around outside the building
      > late at night after one of their saturday night concerts. If they get
      > their own building they almost always put on many more of these events
      > than usual.
      > 4 - They show a sneering disregard for neighbourhood groups and
      > organisations, being polite to their faces while criticising them behind
      > their backs. Some Potters House churches will deliberately feign
      > interest in these groups with the sole intent of gaining converts from
      > them.
      > 5 - The Potters House has been the subject of street protests in the
      > past and Northampton could see that also. On more than one occasion
      > Potters house people have used force and/or violence to deal with
      > peaceful protest.
      > 6 - The Potters House have been subject to many splits in the past.
      > Should the Northampton church ever get involved in that you can expect
      > angry confrontations outside the building.
      > 7 - Those who are roped into the organisation are told they must give
      > 10% of their income to the church. {This is how they can afford new
      > buildings}. Those who don't give this money are told that God will curse
      > them and they will go to hell. {I'm honestly not making this up, wierd
      > as it sounds. They almost always routinely deny this when confronted
      > with the facts}
      > 8- Even the local unemployed and pensioners are targeted in this way and
      > taught this in order to extract money from them. I know one person who
      > left because of it.
      > 9 - The church has an awful reputation around the country with local
      > councils. They are often confrontational and disparaging about local
      > authorities who don't give them what they want. {although of course
      > rarely to their faces}
      > 10 - You can expect to recieve an 'impact team' every few months. An
      > impact team are a group of zealous people, usually from one of the main
      > U.K Potters House churches who very aggresively accost people are try to
      > argue them into conversion. This can be a rather intimidating
      > experience.
      > 11 - The churches often target young people and black people. The
      > vibrant pentecostal style is tailored to those kinds of people. Howver
      > the church is not what is seems. Once a person has made a 'committment'
      > called conversion it will be communicated to them that to leave would be
      > to leave the will of God. While in the surface this may seem like a
      > relatively normal church it does have some worryingly cultic elements.
      > If you want to know more about the Potters House just ask leaders and
      > members of the many churches in Northampton. The Potters House are
      > virtually unknown because they look down on other churches and generally
      > keep themselves seperate. This despite the fact that many of the local
      > churches have good relationships and work together. The Potters House
      > deliberately stay out of this. That alone is suspicious. {Ask them what
      > their contribution was to 'praise in the park' recently. Many churches
      > were involved in it but the Potters House won't have anything to do with
      > it.
      > If anyone has any personal testimonies of the negative impact a Potters
      > House church brought to your area then please add them. They have a
      > pretty lousy reputation wherever they go.
      > regards...naboth675

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