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    ... freedom_from_thepottershouse@yahoogroups.com, campnyellowstone wrote: I was a member of Victory Chapel for 5 years. I left around the
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      I was a member of Victory Chapel for 5 years. I left around the time
      my Pastor, Ron Jones, broke with the Prescott church. I can remember
      the control, however.
      I was in a domestically violent marriage. The women and clergy of
      the church told me to just be nicer. Of course this didn't work. I
      put my kids at risk and my family. Eventually I ended up trying to
      kill myself.
      When I left the church, I also left my marriage. I didn't know what
      to do, or what the will of God was since someone had been telling me
      what the will of God was for 5 years. I was told that if I backslid
      from the church, I would go to hell. If I did anything wrong, I
      would go to hell. I really tried to have a relationship with God,
      but I felt there was something in the way. Maybe it was that sense
      that I had somehow committed the unforgiveable sin. Maybe it was
      that although I believed in God, I was still a sinner. Maybe it was
      just me. I believe that God was always with me during these times.
      He seemed far away.
      It wasn't until I recently joined a church and I was lovingly
      recieved with no pre conditions. (while we were yet sinners, Christ
      died for us)that I began to have a tangible relationship with God.
      Only God knows the timing on this. Only God knows why it was so
      difficult to come to grips with my walk at Victory Chapel and my walk
      with God now.
      I wonder if anyone else had this same problem. Maybe they can help
      me understand what happened. Did you have problems with your
      relationship with God after you left.
      I have had many friends who never tried to rejoin a church after this
      atleast not that I know of. I wonder.

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