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Looking Forward To 2007

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  • naboth675
    Well here we are. It s 2007 and the time when many make resolutions to give things up, change something or do/achieve something they ve wanted to do. Yet
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007

      Well here we are. It's 2007 and the time when many make resolutions to give things up, change something or do/achieve something they've wanted to do. Yet others will simply see it as just another day and expect things to carry on much the same as they did before.

      For me the new year has always felt significant in some way. There are specific years that stick in my mind as a good year and a few that stand out as bad years. 2005 was for us a difficult year. 2006 was a very good year. We've seen things change financially from the very difficult to the point where everything has turned around. This next year we hope to buy our first house. Believe me when I say things have changed a lot for the better. 

      This brings me back to the new year hopes while I was in the fellowship. From what I recall it was just one year after another of just keeping my head above water. Time and again supporting a church that never really grew and having constant demands made of myself and the others in the church. Almost four years out has made a big difference. I'm really beginning to see the benefits of being out long term. One of the benefits is being able to look to the coming yeear planning and aiming for what I want rather then committing myself yet again to the pastors waymanite empire building vision. Simply being able to plan for the coming year being that much more in charge of my own destiny is something I appreciate every year. No longer is my life tied to that of the Potters House and I am so much better off for it. I'm better off psychologically, better off in my relationships and certainly better off financially.

      So whatever happens this coming year if you are out of the fellowship you are at least in some way better off than you were before and you are free to live life and make genuinly worthwhile plans for the future. 

      All the best for 2007....naboth675    

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