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Things are not always as they seem

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  • naboth675
    I recall a discussion I had a while back with a European man who was into eastern religion. His world view included the idea that all religions give us some
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006

      I recall a discussion I had a while back with a European man who was into eastern religion. His world view included the idea that all religions give us some idea of God and all point essentially to the same deity. Among his beliefs also was a practice of healthy eating which went beyond the aims of a healthy body. He believed that inner spirituality was affected by how we treat our bodies. He was very ernest about this. He also spoke about respect for all people and peace.

      Things are not always what they seem. Jesus watched as the Pharisees took great care to cleanse the outside of the cup and plate and were into ceremonial washings. They even questioned why Jesus' disciples ate with unwashed hands. They considered inner spiritual purity to be linked with this idea of outward religious cleansing.

      Jesus probably caused a storm of controversy when he spoke on the subject but what he said was true nonetheless. He pointed out that while they took great care on cleansing outward things, on the inside they were full of uncleanness, murders, thefts, adulteries ect. We get the distinct impression that they were actually worse for all their efforts. The person who seeks inner spiritual purity through outward means often ends up the same way. The man I spoke to came up in a conversation last night. For all his outward sense of piety and peacefulness he was cheating on and constantly lying to his partner. Furthermore He told her he was getting a divorce {that turned out to be another lie} There was a succession of dubious business aquainences. That's not to say he was doing something dishonest but I was not the only person to be concerned. He seemed incredibly naive. {I'm beginning to wonder just how naive he really was}

      This brings me to another point. To the natural mind it is always a case of 'what shall I do?' In reality we can do nothing. Reformation or a new diet doesn't do it. A person needs to be born again. The idea that we can redeem ourselves or even elevate ourselves to some level of godhood plays upon our pride and sense of self sufficiency but it is a deception and those that go down that road often decieve themselves. I am convinced that the greatest hope of man is when he gets real with God and confesses who he really is. When he acknowledges his need he can then begin to see his need of a saviour. The night I came to Christ I had a conviction that I couldn't save myself. {I always believed I could beforehand}. With that conviction came a clear faith in Christ. {You have to understand how unusual that was for an athiest like myself!} Today I am more convinced than ever that salvation cannot be found outside of Christ. In fact attempts to find it only seem to make matters worse. That's because what we need is not reformation but a new birth. To hear the things that one man was involved in is an object lesson for me. Outwardly he gave such a different impression when I met him.

      He was quite evangelical about his new age views and was a yoga instructor or some years experience. It makes one wonder what is really on the inside of people. Some of the people who claim to be christians are in fact nothing of the sort. They were never truly born again. That would explain a lot. A person who is truly born again can not sin with impunity That doesn't mean they will never sin but they will no longer be able to live a lifestyle of continual sin as before. This is more than just a change of opinion. It is a baptism in the truest sense of the word. It is a dying of the old nature and the impartation of a new nature. You still have a free will but fundamentally there is something different. That is the hope of the christian. It is more than a creed or a set of beliefs or a list of religious obligations. It is a new life. Something the religions of this world can never give.


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