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Why people stay - Revival is coming

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  • naboth675
    Here is a new angle on the Peter Beyerman controvery. regards...naboth675 ... wrote: This is not the exact way Beyerman was confronted nor
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 1, 2006
      Here is a new angle on the Peter Beyerman controvery.

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      This is not the exact way Beyerman was confronted nor confessed.
      Waymen did not get the confession from him. Three other Pastors who
      followed Beyerman to his car after visiting his paramour blocked him
      in. He threw his keys at them. He was found out in that fashion and
      confessed to his leader, not Wayman. There is a lot more to the
      story than Wayman heard from God. Wayman didn't hear from God.
      Beyerman was outed by several people. Wayman's God connection was
      not the way it happened. Wayman had just had Beyerman in Prescott to
      preach revival. Would he have done that if God himself was speaking
      to him about Beyerman's sin ? I think NOT. Wayman takes all stories
      and turns them around to make himself look like he has a straight
      line to God's ear. I'm sure Toppin got the Wayman version of what

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      > There's not much to tell here. Toppin told me that Beyerman was
      > known to despise Vicary and Beyerman sent many impact teams to
      > Norwich. He didn't do that for Bury. Those two men did not get on.
      > Vicary's promotion all came down to the wonderful God inspired
      > wisdom of the man who discovered Beyermans sin in the first place.
      > After Wayman was praying he recieved a word from God and
      > Beyerman over the phone upon with Beyerman confessed, bowing
      > down to the superior anointing and divine knowledge of our most
      > apostolic leader. Naturally we did not question the decision to
      > appoint Vicary as Beyerman's successor as this was also determined
      > by The divine leading though our wonderful anointed apostle Wayman
      > Mitchell. I don't suppose for a minute you are going to fall for
      > that crap are you Ken. Well we did. Hook line and sinker.
      > regards...naboth675
      > ps :Trust me, life on the outside is great. Every time I look back
      > on this fellowship I feel better and better about where I am right
      > now. I pity the poor folk still in that circus.
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      > >
      > >
      > > [What did trouble me particularly was watching these struggling
      > tiny churches with one or two promising disciples for years stay
      > same only to find that the key disciple had 'backslidden'. Now the
      > whole process has to virtually start again. You could generally
      > which people were unlikely to play a central part in building the
      > church. These people were usualy out within three years if that. I
      > can look at churches in Southend, Luton. Northampton, Cardiff {Now
      > left}, Glasgow. Bury St Edmunds. The list goes on and on.]
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > There are so many churches that froze for decades at the same
      > size. A while back, on Slam the Door, a woman who was in the
      > Fe church after the split from the fellowship posted a few times.
      > knew who she was, and she had been in that church from the
      > when it was started by Larry Huch, circa 1980. Huch had
      > growth. He started his church by visiting a charismatic church
      > convincing practically the whole church to desert to him,
      > ruining the other pastor. He grew to 300 people in about a year
      > a half, was a brutal discipler, and had money, power, and fame in
      > the fellowship. He was the wonder boy.
      > >
      > > As this woman was posting on Slam the Door, I asked her how many
      > people remained in that church from the time it first hit three
      > hundred people. She said ten. The church was still three hundred
      > when the split with Wayman's World hit about twenty years later,
      > only ten of the three hundred remained.
      > >
      > > What is interesting is that there is no lamenting over this. As
      > long as the numbers remain the same in the larger churches, then
      > is well with the kingdom. This is handed down from Mitch
      > You see, the fellowship, the Potter's House, the Door, etc. loses
      > almost all of its people. It just replaces them. Because it
      > happens slowly over time, no one cares.
      > >
      > > Well, I wonder now how many of those ten are still there? Since
      > the split, the Santa Fe church is a fraction of the size that it
      > been for twenty years. All the split did was speed up the exodus
      > the people.
      > >
      > > Another man boasted to me once that he had only 11 people of the
      > original church that he took. That church was running about 150
      > people. This was only after about two years. He was so excited
      > that he had replaced the former pastor's people with his own.
      > most fellowship pastors who take another man's church, he bad
      > mouthed the previous pastor, and exalted himself by comparison.
      > >
      > > The truth is that they are always starting over again. The new
      > converts are getting a fresh conditioning into religious slavery
      > while the old slaves are walking out the door with their lives
      > raped. They call it, "God is doing a new thing." Actually, it is
      > the same old story over and over and over again.
      > >
      > > On another note, I am curious as to your perspective, Naboth.
      > Dave Vicary was doing so poorly in Bury St. Edmonds, then why was
      > selected to take Peter's church? Was there any reason given in
      > church for this selection? So many men who were not producing
      > growth in their own churches were then given large churches. Any
      > insights? Answer as you wish.
      > >

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