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The great Nigerian Revival?

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  • naboth675
    IF ever you wanted an example of complete and utter horsefeathers then look no further than the great Nigerian move of God that came out of Walthamstow. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006

      IF ever you wanted an example of complete and utter 'horsefeathers' then look no further than the great Nigerian 'move of God' that came out of Walthamstow.

      I was there at every conference in the mid nineties and was there when the first couples were launched out. One of them only left because they could not stay in the country any longer. They were being forced to go back.

      Vicary stood up at the conference and announced the first couples going into Nigeria. This was supposed to be of God yet was forced upon him to a degree. We were then treated to a home movie presentation that was put together by one of the church where Marty Carnighe was filmed on an impact team there. We saw the sight where the first missionaries to Nigeria were buried and told that they had opened the way for us. Everyone was very emotional. The atmosphere was electric.

      The Walthamstow church has a large contingent of Nigerians. Naturally they were overwhelmed at this sudden move. Two more couples were sent out. One of them was a guy I knew as Femmi. It turns out that he was really called Yomi and was about to take a swift move back to the homeland at the request of her majesty's government. Vicary, not one to miss a trick, announced that he was being launched into his destiny and so now we has 4 churches out there. Everyone was swept up in this exciting event. In such a short period of time there were 4 couples launched out abroad. At least two of them to my knowledge were no longer welcome as far as the immigration officials were concerned. What the status of the other tow couples was I can only guess. From what I heard none of the three original couples launched out could get out of the country to get to the next U.K conference so I dare say all of them were on the wrong side of the line of legality while over here.

      To set a church up over their doesn't cost a great deal for a large church like Walthamstow. The cost of living in third world countries is far cheaper than in the west and running a church even with a pastor getting a full time wage it would be a tiny fraction of the annual estimated $2,000,000+ that they get every year coming into that church. The tens of thousands that they got in the conference offering probably encouraged Vicary to do it again when Femmi...oh I mean Yomi was on his way out. 

      We even had an emotional confernece video presentation showing how God was bringing tremendous revival to them and how Nigeria was being taken for Jesus. This is pure nonesence of course. Firstly Nigeria has a massive christian population already and from my own observations of West coast African countries I know that any white person or even black person with western connections draws a crowd. All the guys who went over their drew a modest crowd. I was told that there was 300 people at the first Nigerian conference. However all these people with one exception were launched into Lagos.

      There was one exception, one couple was launched into central Nigeria into the city of Jos. This place was a mixture of christians and muslims. Soon they joined the others in Lagos. Jos wasn't as fruitful as they hoped. Lagos is more like picking apples from trees. 

      The first Nigerian conference had the U.K conference in awe. We witnessed the first couple being launched out of a Nigerian conference. Imagine the money that came in after that. Nobody doubted that something special was happening. So when I checked out what was happening several years later on the cfm directory of churches you can imagine my surprise when the I saw that the Nigerian fellowship was still stuck at 5 churches. Given the size of the congregations over there and how much native Nigerians live on I find it strange that after all these years they have not launched out any more churches. 

      If Walthamstow's attitude towards other churches is anything to go by then Nigeria will be under great pressure to be self supporting. With average wages being a mere fraction of what they are in the west it would take the tithes ofmany impoverised Nigerians to support the ministry of one man. If Walthamstow insists on cutting off the financial faucet then the Nigerian felllowship will be left in a position of arrested development. I have to ask who is paying the wages of these illegal immigrants who now pose as pastors. 

      When you look at the facts to hand it becomes apparent that the whole Nigerian revival thing was a gross exagration. The idea that this was a move of God was a sham. The money they got in as a result weas huge and Walthamstows commitment to those churches is an insult. Maby I should re-evaluate their profit margins given that I assumed that they were still fully supporting the Nigerian churches. 

      Don't take my word for it. Go check out the cfm directory for yourself. There are still only five churches in Nigeria. No new works in the last six or so years. All they consist of is 4 men who were at one point as welcome on these shores as a pork sandwich at a barmitzvah and one young pioneer. These guys seem to be struggling to get out of Accra. 

      I wonder how many tens of thousands of dollars profit the Walthamstow church have made out of all this? More to the point how much is the Walthamstow pastor making out of this. If he is on a percentage bonus then that is a very relevant question especially as he has shown scant commitment to the churches his predecessor launched out. {or should that be extradited}



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