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  • kenhaining777
    Sep 23, 2012

      This is a post I did on the Wayman Mitchell Yahoo message board.



      Greetings to anyone who has stopped by this message board.  I realize that from time to time, ex members of the fellowship, headed by Wayman O. Mitchell, might be doing searches on his name, and this message board might pop up on a search. 

      This message board was founded by Steve Johson of England, aka, naboth675.  He also ran another Yahoo message board called Slam the Door on the Potters House. 


      That message board was founded on June 24, 2005.  At that time Steve had recently departed from the fellowship of Wayman O. Mitchell, and had been in a church in the London area that was pastored by Ernie Toppin.  Steve left the church after he had been in it for 10 and a half years, and became active on these type message boards.  He gave some amazing testimonies of what was going on in that fellowship on the aforementioned message board, and also started this message board to be specifically about Wayman O. Mitchell himself.  As it turned out, this message board had very little in the way of original messages, and mostly became a place to cross post messages from other message boards, including Slam the Door on the Potters House. 

      Over the years, since 2005, Steve eventually lost interest in exposing the fellowship, and seems to have completely dropped off the message boards of this type.  Here is a message that he wrote on his other message board, Slam the Door on the Potters House.


      [Hi Ken and anyone else still reading here.

      Wow. Has it really been over a year? I just peered in here on the off chance and
      read the message. To be frank some of the reasons I don't do this stuff any more
      is because I've said pretty much all I can say on the subject and secondly I
      really wanted to move on and draw a line under this part of my life. The cfm is
      dying a slow and protracted death. {shame they oppose euthanasia. lol}

      No kids yet by the way but life is good. I've just got back from mission work
      abroad. Apart from the religious aspect of things, which naturally is very close
      to my heart, engaging with another culture and people is a very rewarding
      experience. {a very good time to be English by the way. Pretty much everyone in
      Kenya was watching the royal wedding.}

      Was listening to one of Ernie Toppin's albums the other day. I really love his
      music {If not his pastoral abilities. lol} I guess that's a measure of how much
      I've moved on when I think about it. Five years ago it all sounded 'tainted' to
      me. It's been a long time.

      Your right about yahoo. Shame really {cue nostalgic moment}anyway. hope you are

      naboth675]  (May 10, 2011)

      This pretty much summed up where he was at.  Apparently he had his fill of exposing Wayman's World, as I call that fellowship.  Although I miss him greatly, and his rather unique contributions to exposing that religious scam, I fully understand that he just wanted to leave it behind him.  Nothing wrong with that.  I do wish he had made one last comment, and summed up his whole fellowship experience, but alas, he simply disappeared.  The last time he wrote on Slam the Door on the Potters House was September 15, 2011, just over a year ago, in response to a question I asked.  Now his ID produces a "not found" on Yahoo. 

      Just in case anyone stumbles across this message board, I am putting up this message, and letting you know that not much is likely to be happening here other than cross posts from my message board, Escape from the Fellowship. 


      As far as I know, Escape from the Fellowship is the only Yahoo message board that still has people writing on any regular basis, which deals with the fellowship headed by Wayman O. Mitchell.  I invite anyone who is looking to discuss this religious scam over to this message board. 

      Well, Steve, I don't know if you even remember you have this message board, or if you will ever read this message.  For what it's worth, I greatly appreciate your efforts in exposing that religious group, mostly called the Potters House, but also called the Door, Victory Chapel, and Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM).  I am sure that some who read your writings on these message boards got out sooner, rather than later, and that those who read what you wrote here and on Slam the Door on the Potters House, who had already left the fellowship, benefited from your insights.  I wish you good fortune in the remainder of your life.

      Thanks for helping. 

      Ken Haining