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  • kenhaining777
    Apr 28, 2012
      When I click on the user name, naboth675, it indicates that the profile does not exist.  Are you still out there, naboth675?

      The owner of this group contributed greatly to exposing of the fellowship headed by Wayman O. Mitchell, called the Potter's House, the Door, Victory Chapel, and Christian Fellowship Ministries.  I am saddened if he has left this message board without a final statement, and saddened that he has left off exposing that destructive religious group.  I fully understand people moving on from their experience in that group.  However, I would think that it would not take much for an occasional comment or two to be made over the months and years.  So many people are still being literally ripped off by that religious group that I am saddened that anyone with the ability to expose such as group, as naboth675 obvious was, has totally forsaken making any comments, even on his own message board. 

      But then again, perhaps he is leaving the fellowship of Wayman O. to consume itself, as it ultimately will.  I do not judge anyone who leaves that experience of being in that damaging religious group behind them.  I just miss naboth675 as the ally that he certainly was in exposing Waymanite religion for what it truly is. 

      I wish you well, naboth675, if you happen to read this, and thank you for that help that you gave in the fight against such an evil religious deception that we fell into. 

      Ken Haining

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