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  • Ken
    Here is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Escape_from_the_Fellowship/
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2011

      Here is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship



      Here are a couple of posts by a past member of Escape From the Fellowhsip named currentrebel.  Currentrebel was a member of the Yuma church that was pastored by Bill Coolidge.  Collidge had a falling out with Wayman Mitchell in late 2000, when Mitchell demanded that Coolidge, who had pastored the Yuma church for about 20 years, resign.  According to the reports I received around that time, Coolidge had said some things that angered Mitchell, and thus Mitchell trumped up charges of abuse against Coolidge.  Obviously, since Coolidge was a product of Mitchell's discipleship progam, Coolidge would tend to be abusive, but that was the "pattern" he was taught by Mitchell. 

      Coolidge refused to resign, was thrown out of the fellowship, and his church was split, with Wayman first sending in Scott "Lover Boy" Lamb, and then Kevin "I love Wayman so much" Foley. 

      Currentrebel gives some insight as an insider in the Yuma church.


      Even though Coolidge was similar to Mitchell, he attempted to be
      indigenous. While I was there, I never sensed that Prescott was like
      Rome but that we and other baby churches could become like Yuma.

      It was not until much later that I discovered we were shielded from
      Mitchells iron claw. One of the tools that Coolidge used was cooking
      the books. There were two financial books, one for internal use and one
      to give to Mitchell.

      After the split I had the oppurtunity to read the Prescott by laws and
      noticed the structure of the fellowship. That caused me to think and
      understand the dynamics of the fellowship.

      At first I thought that Coolidge was the evil one but over time and
      watching and listening it became very clear that Mitchell was the evil.

      And since Coolidge carried bagage from his mentor Mitchell, his church


      July 4, 2005


      I was there when at the meetings in Yuma when Mitch was gunning for

      When the hand of the Headship doctrine was lifted we had lots of fun
      and freedom to evangelize. Then the sermon about bringing us back
      into the Fellowship. Boy, was I duped. Mitchell was a deceptive
      politician. We felt like a independant church connected to a larger
      fellowship. I soon discovered the ironclad control and ownership
      Mitchell had for the building we just purchased. Then Foley announced
      how he is totally submitted to Mitchell. It was getting sick around
      there. I feel sorry for his wife, Janet, I know she loves Kevin but
      Kevin is going to work himself into a mental breakdown.


      November 8, 2005


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