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  • Ken
    Here is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Escape_from_the_Fellowship/
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      Here is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship



      Here is a post by jerrie18_2, who used to post quite a lot on the message boards, and was one of the original founders of The Cracked Pots.  He only posted here 7 times under this name, although I think he may have used another name or two.  He had the distinction of being almost as hated by Nick of Lismore as I am. 

      In this post he exposes the typical hypocrisy of the fellowship leaders.  In particular, this post deals with the hypocrisy concerning the "media rules," although there are many other types of hypocrisy that fellowship leaders display.  Rather amusing. 



      Oh yes! The hotel movies! All sanctioned by Mike Mastin, in fact he
      paid for the pizza!

      Here's the kicker... in front of Mitch at the Conference pastor's
      meeting Mastin re-emphasized the no movie rule. One newbie pastor
      after Mastin re-emphasized the rule put his hand up and asked if it
      was OK for him to take his kid to see Disney's Fantasia... No! Was the
      answer! Another newbie asked about movies on a plane? Mastin said even
      though no one cared or was watching him on the flight... God was
      watching him! And all the while those "in the know" shut up and took
      their medicine in front of Mitch knowing that the pizza and movies
      were on their way as soon as Mitch stepped foot on that jet airliner



      June 3, 2005


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