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  • Ken
    This is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Escape_from_the_Fellowship/
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2011

      This is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship.



      Here is a post by curious_monkey7, who posted here 21 times back in 2006, mostly at the beginning of the year.  She stopped by to do one more post in July of 2006, and then vanished from Escape from the Fellowship.  I hope she has done well in the years following her divorce. 


      Along these lines....I have been lurking, but not made a comment on
      this board in a while. I was one of the unfortunate to have married
      in the church-to someone I never would have, had I been in my right
      mind. After nearly 2 decades of a hellish marriage, the divorce is
      soon to be final.

      I report to ex-CFC members I run into that I wanted a divorce the
      first week I was married, when I realized I'd made a horrible
      mistake.(i.e. when I was still in the CFC circus) I didn't,
      obviously, follow through on my instincts at the time. Better late
      than never. But I do let them know that leaving that place had
      nothing to do with my divorce (except for the fact that I can now
      think for myself and follow through on my instincts!)

      Funny thing, my family members and all the friends that I've had for
      a very long time have all known of my struggles in the marriage and
      my integral character. They all support me 100%-Except for one
      brainwashed CFC member I ran into recently who scolded me and told
      me that divorce is never an option and sent me an anonymous form
      letter she'd written to apparently send to anyone she knows that is
      considering divorce, trying to convince me not to divorce. She did
      not even take the time to find out about the abuse I had been
      subjected to in the marriage or anything else; she had the typical
      pious attitude of the drones that are produced by that place.

      I can tell you that this board, and those like it have helped
      empower me to take back my life-I appreciate everyone who's taken
      the time to share and support those like myself who have had to
      reconstruct their damaged lives after having spent time being
      negatively impacted by the teaching and the pressures laid on them
      by CFC.

      It's like any relationship-some help us in life and some hurt us.
      The impact of a a relationship-gone-bad is far-reaching and takes
      time to heal from. I am happy to report that I am optimistic, and
      free from any guilt about leaving CFC or my abusive marriage. I hope
      and pray the best for all those who have made steps to take back
      their lives, too.


      July 2, 2006



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