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Wayman's Agenda

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  • Ken
    I was thinking about Wayman O. s agenda for the churches in his fellowship. I came up with what I consider to be his three prime objectives. The first two
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2010

      I was thinking about Wayman O.'s agenda for the churches in his fellowship.  I came up with what I consider to be his three prime objectives.

      The first two objectives are aimed at the "locked in" members. 

      Wayman's preaching tends to be a message to the "locked in" member that they are not doing enough.  That's the general theme.  The first component of his agenda is to get people to recruit more new members.  This is preached under the guise of "witnessing."  The trip that is laid on the minds of the members is that there are all these people out there who will most certainly go to hell if the members don't give those people the "uncut" version of "you must get saved NOW."  This turns into mass marketing, and the members of the church pass out zillions of flyers, witness their heads off to family and coworkers, and, in short, do anything they can to persuade people to visit the church, in hopes of them answering an altar call.  They then follow up on those who fill out a "convert card" in an effort to transform these people into "locked in" members like themselves.  Thus Wayman's preachings, and the preachings of those who are "trained" in his organization, press the members of the churches into a constant effort to recruit new members under the guise of saving souls from hell. 

      The second component of Wayman's main agenda, that is aimed at the locked in members, is to get people to give more money.  No slacking off in giving will ever be tolerated, and there is always a push for people to give more money for "the harvest field."  Somehow, the giving of money to support the fellowship structure, and provide fine living for the leaders, is translated into the prospect of billions of people being saved worldwide.  Once again, the failure to comply with this pull for greater giving is depicted as allowing people to go to hell forever.  Because you failed to give enough, people didn't get to hear the gospel and will now burn for eternity, is the line.  Even if the fellowship has not grown significantly in the last 20 years or so, the idea that is put forth is that dollars equal souls saved.  The people are made to believe that if they don't give tithes and offerings, this means they don't care about the lost. 

      So those are the first two components of Wayman's agenda:

      1) You must be constantly recruiting new people.
      2) You must give more and more money in the offerings.

      The third component of Wayman's agenda is aimed at the pastors in the fellowship.  It is Wayman's ownership of the churches.  When we left Foursquare, Wayman sent out a document stating that our churches would be sovereign and able to determine their own destiny.  As it has turned out, nothing could be further from the truth. 

      Only recently, on another message board, an account was given of how Wayman showed up at a church and relieved the pastor of his position.  He had been pastor for 15 years, and had pioneered the church.  I am sure Wayman showed up with that document that he has pastors sign these days, stating that pastor will surrender all physical and human resources to "the fellowship" on demand.  It is one of the aspects of his position that gives him the kind of power that he has always craved.  He can just walk into a church, with no warning, and demand the pastor resign the church, and give it to whomever he pleases.

      This last component of Wayman's agenda includes leaving the members of the church with no say as to what happens in terms of pastoral changes.  So much for the churches being sovereign and determining their own destiny. No matter how long you have been in the church, no matter how many people you have brought into the church, and no matter how much money you have given to the church, you have no say in the removal and replacement of the pastor.  You are expected to totally accept whoever Wayman decides is your new and improved pastor/master. 

      These three themes can be seen all throughout fellowship preaching.  1) Recruit more people.  2) Give more money.  3) Accept that Lord Wayman has absolute control over your church and can replace your pastor at will. 

      If any current fellowship members are lurking here, I defy you to note how these things will come up over and over again.  They are the main components of the fellowship leader, and they serve him well.  It is not the Kingdom of God, but rather the Kingdom of Wayman.  Enjoy. 




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