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Destructive Influence

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  • Ken
    This is a response that I posted on Darren s message board, Freedom From the Potter s House http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freedom_from_thepottershouse/
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2010
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      This is a response that I posted on Darren's message board, Freedom From the Potter's House


      I thought I would cross post it over here


      John Doe said:

      [Many PH churches are set up by military bases and pull on military personnel to get out of the military and serve God in that local church.There is no consideration for those who do get out ,and want to pursue a new career or school.The overall out look is you had your chance when you were in and just survive when you get out,if you make good money tithe big and give big.Second shift and weekend work is not tolerated. The younger children/teenagers were looked at as different ,if they wanted to pursue the military or college they better do it as soon as they hit 18,after that they are running from the will of God.What is wrong with a former military pursuing a career or school ? NOTHING as for as I remember. PH world " need to be in every service". Many professionals didn't last long after initially attending PH churches.One young man joined the Army and was ridiculed for leaving the Drama team...(Leadership Church)  ]

      There's a trick to all of this.  When these kinds of practices of the fellowship of Wayman O.are brought up, the leaders and pastors will deny it.  They will then refer to times when they told people to go to college and even to join the military, or stay in the military.  Those of us who were around the fellowship for any length of time know for a fact that they do influence people to forsake career opportunities, and higher education, yet these pastors deny it and cite examples of when they "did no such thing."

      I learned what the trick was when I went to a small preachers meeting that was being held in a New Mexico town by Wayman O., for a man he had recently sent out to take over a church.  This man apparently was on Wayman's good side and Wayman did a healing crusade for him, and the next day he did this little preacher's meeting.  There were maybe four or five pastors there, and I brought a disciple with me who had come to the healing crusade to get healed of partial paralysis. (He wasn't healed.)  For this meeting some brought their wives, if I recall correctly. 

      Wayman began to go over various aspects of ministry.  One of the things that he said was that a lot of college students would get saved at his church in Prescott, and that he didn't expect them to stay in Prescott after they graduated. He noted that they didn't come to Prescott to live there, but just to go to college.  But here is the trick:  Wayman smiled and said, "Unless they say they are called to preach. Then that changes everything." 

      Anyone who has been a part of the fellowship knows that almost all young men are made to feel as though they are called to preach in Wayman's World.  They give many altar calls for men to answer "the call."  They talk about getting the gospel out into the "harvest field," and to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send for laborers into the fields.  In highly charged moments of emotion they get almost every young male to answer these altar calls.  When I was back in the Tucson church, it was extremely hard to find any young male who did not claim the call to preach the gospel and be sent out. 

      So that's the trick.  Sure, occasionally some guy who says he is not called to preach is encouraged to go to college, or to finish college.  The same goes for military men.  However, the moment a man says he is called to preach, as Wayman said, "That changes everything." 

      Naturally, this also applies to the women.  They are called to be pastor's wives, and they are influenced to forsake all of life's other opportunities.  Needless to say this makes for some unfortunate marriages.

      I have mentioned how the fellowship does not keep track of all the couples that have been sent out, who are no longer in the fellowship.  Hundreds of them are out there, possibly in the thousands by now.  That's counting all the ones who were announced at conferences over the years.  But another factor is how many men and women forsook careers and educations to answer the call to be sent out and become pastors, who were never sent out? 

      No doubt there have been men and women who believed with all their hearts that one day they were going to get that tap on the shoulder at conference, who woke up one day, after being insanely faithful to their pastor and church for 10, 15, 20 years or more, and suddenly realized it was never going to happen.  Then they had to deal with all the opportunities that they forsook, to pursue a calling that wasn't real.

      I also think about some woman being influenced to marry the up and coming "man of God," because it is her destiny.  The guy never gets sent out, and after 10 years and 3 kids, she realizes she never should have married him.  He is not anything like the man she would have married had she not been under the psychotic influence of Wayman O.'s "ministry."  Or even worse, the same thing happens, only the guy gets sent out, and they fail, having to come home for redirection.  How many divorces do you think the fellowship has produced because of things like this?

      Oh, and that pastor, who had recently been sent out of Prescott to take over that church in New Mexico, who Wayman was doing that preachers meeting for, ended up getting caught in adultery a few months later.  I have lost track of how many men who were sent out of just the Prescott church who have been caught in adultery.  It's staggering. 

      They can blow all the smoke they want.  They definitely influence men and women to forsake opportunities, career, and education so that they can get maximum use out of them as human resources.  That is a foundation of the fellowship of Wayman O.





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