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In response to Ken's "If the fellowship is so great..."

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  • hempkevin
    Ken, I love reading this stuff! It s taken me 6 years to start actively speaking out against CFM because the mind trips and psycological manipulation they
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2008
      I love reading this stuff! It's taken me 6 years to start actively
      speaking out against CFM because the mind trips and psycological
      manipulation they make one suffer through still mess with peoples'
      heads long after they leave. I'm tired of living in the shadow of
      fear, self doubt and isolation. I'm going to speak my mind regarding
      this harmful group as often as I can to help encourage and strengthen
      others who have left. Wayman is trying to get back to the
      original "Book of Acts Church" correct? Yes, we all know that.
      While I was in the fellowship, there was always a sense of
      frustration preached over the pulpit. "Why is there no revival?" I
      would hear it again and again, "Why no revival?" To try and spark
      revival our church in Yucca Valley would have week long revival
      meetings once a month. We were required to attend every service,
      kids and all, and then show up for street preaching Saturday morning;
      and then morning and evening services Sunday, and when it wasn't a
      revival week, it was Monday night outreach, and Tuesday night Bible
      studies, and Wednesday evening services and...ooh, Thursday night
      was "Family night" (spend time with your family because that's
      important, wow thanks)...Saturday street preaching again, and the
      Saturday night "Coffee House Band Ministry" thing-a-magig, then
      Sunday morning and evening services again and, hey, if your
      biological family shows up to visit from out of town and they want to
      take you out for breakfast Sunday morning because they haven't seen
      you in 3 years...well, forget about it! You drag your biological
      family to church! They need to get on your program...don't you dare
      compromise and get sucked into missing church. Your "spiritual"
      family is closer and more important than your real family anyway.
      It's a merry-go-round that never ends until you get dizzy, sick to
      your stomach, puke and then beg "Let me off"! Then you find that
      they won't let you off, you've just gotta jump, hit the dirt and
      roll. In the mean time the playground bullies are beating the crap
      out of you and trying to push you back onto the ride. "Why no
      revival?" I wonder. I, for the longest time, had the sense that The
      Door was bitter over the fact that they were not able to "Have all
      things common" amongst themselves the way the original church in
      Jerusalem did. If you recall, in the original church, people were so
      moved by what God was doing that members of the church sold all of
      their possessions and "laid them at the Apostles' feet". The
      Apostles collected, managed and distributed all the money as they saw
      fit. I truly believe that this is what Mitchell wants from his
      members, but even he wouldn't dare suggest it. At least not yet. At
      least not until he could get enough power and control over his
      followers. I truly believe that he's trying to take this fellowship
      to the next level where everyone has everything in common. Since God
      isn't making it happen then it must be done through brow beating,
      threats and fear. Main line christians, I've learned since I left
      CFM, believe that the age of the Apostles was a one time move of God
      that will never be repeated. I believe that now also. It's obvious
      that CFM does not believe this. Mitchell and others who follow him
      see him as a modern-day Apostle filling the office of Paul the
      Apostle. This is a very dangerous error that is leading to a lot of
      dangerous and destructive behavior. I believe that the harder they
      brow beat and the less "revival" they see the more frustrated they
      will get which, in-turn, will lead them on to more desperate and
      destructive behavior. I spoke with Nicole and Dereck a few months
      back and they told me that the church is really hot on this new idea
      of "turning curses back onto the heads of people who utter them".
      Which translates into: "If you oppose our church, ministry or
      fellowship then we will pray for God to kill you." As shocked as I
      was to hear this...you know what, I believe it. If you told me that
      there are CFM congregations that are gathering for prayer meetings
      and the collective request they are lifting up to God is for Him to
      kill people for bad mouthing the church. I honestly would have to
      say "I believe it." CFM has a vision of how things should be. CFM
      is not seeing this come to fruition and they are frustrated by it.
      Rather than examine their actions against scripture, they take
      matters into their own hands and try to "force the hand of God" to
      bring about what should be. Ken, like you, I'm amazed and am just
      here watching this whole thing unfold. I think this ministry is a
      time bomb waiting to explode. God help the fallout victims when that
      day comes.
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