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Re: Glad to see a support group out there.

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  • melissal29
    I love what you wrote, its true if you are going to leave you should just leave. I left the fellowship about six months ago. I was a member for three years.
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 17, 2008
      I love what you wrote, its true if you are going to leave you should
      just leave. I left the fellowship about six months ago. I was a
      member for three years. To be honest I am not sure why exactly I
      left. I loved the church, but the more more people were leaving and
      it wasnt even just new converts it was member of the church that had
      been their for ten twelve years, I start praying and asking
      questions. And, it is so true once you start asking questions you
      kind of get in trouble, they tell you that these members are
      backsliding or have lost their way just pray for them and stay away
      from them. I knew these people and they were my family. I was so
      confused, if these people were in sin and at risk to going to hell,
      why not embrase them talk to them befriend them even more, to try and
      win them back. This was an issue I always had with the church. I
      didnt understand how I could call my self a christian and these
      peoples family when i would abandon them when they need church family
      the most! My decision to leave was based on month of prayer I truly
      felt God telling me to leave and not look back. I did try and talk
      to pastor and let him know that i was no longer attending the church,
      they just made me feel like i did not hear from God that I was making
      it up. I knew the last sunday I was their that I was doing the right
      thing. I over heard pastors wife telling a young lady whos husband
      was in the military and not saved that if he left the area she needed
      to stay here and not go with him. I couldnt believe it, god is all
      about family and keeping them together what would be so wrong with
      her going with her husband and attending another fellowship church. I
      made my decision and never looked back. I have still recieve calls
      from members, and they want to know why i left and some even ask me
      how you could do it. The only reponse i have is it was what was write
      for me and my family. I dont bash the church with them or even
      listen to them bash the church. I will not be a part of their ideas
      of me. I was told that the first sunday I left pastor stood up and
      told everyone to beware of the Jezbel spirit. I couldnt believe it,
      i had been a part of the church for three years and I had put my
      entire life on hold and put them first. I was so angry I wanted to
      march my self up their and tell them exactly what a cult they were
      but knew it would be useless. I found this group and truly love it,
      to be able to talk to others who had left. I look at your stories
      and draw strength, I admire anyone who has left the church after ten
      years or twenty years. I was only a member for three years and still
      am stuggling with my decision. I miss all my friends, and people who
      were my family for the past three years. I do pray for them and the
      church to open their eyes to the truth, and to change there ways. I
      am so sad to hear about members who left and now no longer have faith
      in Christ. It kills me to see the damage that one person can do.
      I left the chruch not my faith in Christ in fact I dont even
      think I was truly saved in the potters house. I was just obedient to
      a mans words not gods. Talk to yall later!
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