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If Tithing Works

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  • kenhaining777
    Here is a post by Naboth from his message board Slam the Door on the Potter s House. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/slamthedoor_on_the_pottershouse/
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2007
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      Here is a post by Naboth from his message board Slam the Door on the Potter's House.


      The Potters House teaches tithing. They teach tithing not only for the believer but also for the church. A fellowship church is obligated to give 10% up the chain, so to speak, which means it must give 5% of its offerings to its 'mother church' and send another 5% to the head church in Prescott, Arizona.

      The fellowship teaches that you will be cursed if you don't tithe, but those who do will release supernatural blessings upon their lives. This is interesting with regards to the church tithing pyramid. After all we are able to see very clearly whether this religious theory actually works. The fellowship has been around as an independant entity for nearly 25 years now. Let's have a look to see how much tithing has opened up the windows of heaven for small struggling pioneer works.

      In the U.K alone around 17 churches have either left or closed down. Many others are still struggling with a church that is little bigger than a bible study group despite years of faithfully tithing to the mother churches.

      Approximatly one third of launched churches are folded or have to be relaunched. So much for opening up the windows of heaven. The fellowship was reported to have nearly 1,000 churches in 1990 or at least this is what they claimed. Now they have 1,400 which is barely 2% up per year. Ernie Toppin claimed that they were launching out a church every three days on average. That means they should have added around 600 churches to the 1,265 they had at the time. This makes a total of 1,865 meaning there is a shortfall of 465 churches. In other words in nearly five years they have launched 135 more churches than have closed down or left compared to a total number of defections and closures of 465.

      This looks like the work of the devourer which the fellowship promised us would be rebuked if we tithed.  All these big churches which are launching out other works are not seeing the fruitfulness they were promised. Furthermore look at the fruitfulness from within the big churches. Wheres the abundant fruitfullness? Perth had 400 about 20 years ago and now has 500. Tucson had almost 1,000 many years ago and is still well below that today. Prescott has stagnated so much it has become known in the inner circles there as a pastors graveyard. It is full of men who were once sent out to preach. The congregation reads like a who's who of the fellowship.

      The only reason the fellowship has so many churches at all is because they keep launching them at such a dramatic rate. The attrition rate is horrendous. Most churches will, over a ten year period, have seen the majority of it's congregation leave. This is the fruitfullness promised by Malachi?

      How often have offerings been taken up for some church that has since been lost? Surely they collect money to put it in a bag of holes.

      Given that the Potters House insists on being under the law it is interesting to see how this pans out. For example the sin of robbing God was not in the people not tithing as fellowship preachers claim but was in those who collected the tithe but did not distribute it according to the word of the Lord. This is exactly what the fellowship leaders are guilty of. The fellwoship do not distribute to the poor and even mock those churche who do. Mitchell himself in a sermon on 'spiritual capitalism' in an Aussie conference claimed that helping the poor was something you shouldn't do and the way to help them was to get them to give so that they would be blessed. This is in direct contradiction to scripture which says that he who gives to the poor lends to the Lord.

      So we can see that Mitchell in a sense is robbing the poor. In doing that he is robbing God. The charge he puts on the innocent he himself is guilty of. Mitchell also takes church money and uses vast amounts for lawsuits against innocent men. He steals churches from innocent pastors and his croneys bribe authorities to pervert the course of justice to rob a congregation of it's church building. Malachi speaks of the curse which comes upon such people.

      "And I will come near to you in judgement and I will be a swift witness against....the adulterers, false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow and the fatherless." Sound like someone you know? How many adulterers has Mitchell used? How many times has he sworn falsely and spoken lies in God's name from the pulpit? How often those bullying pastors oppress the poor of their congregations for their hard earned wages.

      One of the marks of the curse is that the vine will cast forth her fruit before her time {malachi ch 3 v11}. How often have we seen fellowship churches lose converts before they had a chance to mature? I've lost count. How often have fellowship pastors dealt treacherously with the wife of their youth? {malachi ch3 v14-15}. Think of Wes Baker, Ron Burrell, Scott Lamb, Peter Beyerman etc, etc.

      Well does Malachi speak of your leaders in Malachi ch 2 v 8 "But you are departed out of the way : You have caused many to stumble at the law: You have corrupted the covenant of Levi, saith the Lord of hosts."

      Furthermore see what else it says of such tithe robbers as are the leaders of this fellowship. "and now we call the proud happy: yea they that work wickedness are set up: yea they that tempt God are even delivered" Malachi ch3 v15 Have you ever heard such an accurate description of this fellowship? 

      Judge what Malachi says if you are a part of this fellowship and are under the law of the tithes. You are cursed with a curse even this whole fellowship. Wherein have we robbed God you say. If only you knew how like the unrighteous you really are.




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