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The Real Fraud

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  • kenhaining777
    There is a fellow who posts on the internet who, when he has no answers to quesions about his fellowship, accuses me of being a fraud. But let me tell you
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      There is a fellow who posts on the internet who, when he has no answers to quesions about his fellowship, accuses me of being a fraud. But let me tell you about the real fraud.

      There is a man who I followed at one time, who said he was a special of God.  Through his manipulative "sermons" he convinced me that I needed to "follow God," and seek to fulfill the "calling of God."  One thing he would say is, "If you do what I do, you can have what I have."  He was lying.  He was a fraud. 

      We were part of a denomination which this man said was a failure.  Eventually he broke off the denomination and appointed himself leader for life of his own fellowship.  Those of us who believed he was an honest and good man followed him.  At the time I had gone out and "pioneered" a church.  My church and I left the denomination and went with this man.  He sent out a document stating that all of our churches would be sovereign and allowed to determine their own destiny.  We believed him.  He was lying. He was a fraud.

      As time went on, it became apparent that iron clad control was in effect.  It was decided by this man and his puppet leaders that we would follow certain "rules."  One of the most hypocritical of these rules was the "media rules," banning those in public ministry from going to the movies, or owning TVs and video equipment.  Meanwhile, this man and his appointed puppet leaders went to motel rooms frequently and freely partook of the cable TV in the rooms.   We were told this was "different." 

      Other hypocrisies prevailed, such as the cover up of adulterous preachers, and over time it was obvious that there was a constant demand for payment from the all the churches to this man's organization, even though he had no legal connection to the churches from which he demanded money.  There was a major break off in 1990 of churches over this very issue.  Instead of repenting of his extortion of money from legally independent churches, this man did everything he could to destroy the churches and pastors who refused to bow to his demands. 

      At one point, as the men who were in ministry in my church were fed up with the hypocrisy of much of this organization, I allowed my Bible study leaders to vote on the media rules.  They voted them out.  Going back to the document that this self appointed leader had sent out, stating the the churches would be sovereign and allowed to determine their own destiny, I considered this perfectly legitimate.  However, I was called into a meeting with two of the puppet leaders, and it was demanded that I reinstate the media rules or "get out."  The main people in my church wanted out, we pulled out, and this self appointed leader for life used a man in my church to split it. 

      I never met a more wicked, lying, unrighteous fraud as this self appointed leader.  I have done my best to expose him as such to others, but unfortunately when people are in the midst of the religious world that he has created they cannot see the truth about this man.  The tend to only see it when they leave. 

      There is a defender of this man who has hounded those of us who expose this self appointed leader on the internet.  A while back I portrayed disciples of this group on the internet using internet names.  I considered it more or less an illustration, and not some evil deception.  As I played my part of a loyal citizen of this self appointed leader's kingdom, this defender of the "faith" praised what I said, saying things like, "Never a truer word spoken."  However, when he found out it was me, he slandered me all over the internet, calling me a liar and a fraud.  Why?  For an accurate depiction of a loyal follower of this self appointed leader?  Yet this man defends the worst liar and fraud that I have ever encountered in this life. 

      So, I have to laugh.  In the end this man who attacks me, and defends this low level evil little fraud, will find that he has been taken for a royal religious ride and thoroughly ripped off.  This has been the cycle for as long as that organization has existed.  I, much to my embarassment, at one time defended this blood sucking religious parasite as well.  That's why I could portray the part so well.  I was simply trying to show that I know where these loyalists are at.  But instead of seeing the truth, they go right on defending this self appointed leader who is draining the life out of them.  Go figure.

      Shalom to those who have escaped from this self appointed leader's influence.




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