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Some Thoughts About Wayman O.

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  • kenhaining777
    I thought I would take a few moments to write some thoughts about the founder, and self appointed leader for life of his own fellowship, Wayman O. I met Wayman
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2007

      I thought I would take a few moments to write some thoughts about the founder, and self appointed leader for life of his own fellowship, Wayman O.

      I met Wayman O. the first time in January of 1976.  He had come down to do a little three day meeting, which he called a "Prophecy Conference."  Some of it was slides from his recent trip to Israel.  The fellowship, as such, really didn't exist at that time.  There were five churches total in what was a discipleship and church planting program.  The term "our fellowship," was just starting to be thrown around. 

      As eager new converts, Paul Campo and I were greatly enthused about our pastor's pastor.  We would talk to him after services, looking for gems of wisdom, much like the Beatles with that guru guy in India.  In fact, looking back, I would say that the term "spiritual guru" would have best fit him.  He showed a characteristic that would prove to be a hallmark of his personality throughout the years.   He seemed to have an answer for everything. 

      I had to laugh when Budo mentioned "the all knowing look" that would come over Wayman's face when he was about to impart his "wisdom."  In Budo's case it was the fantanstic revelation that talking birds did so by the power of demons.  This is similar to Lord Wayman's assertion, in relation to martial arts, that men don't break bricks, demons do.  In essence, Wayman O. is a spiritual know it all. 

      My impression, however, is it is largely an act.  My son has the perspective that Wayman O. simply took organized religion to its logical conclusion.  From my son's point of view, organized religion in general is a con game.  If we are to look at the religious rat race, we can conclude that Lord Wayman decided a long time ago to win that race in his particular sphere. 

      It's really obvious when you look at it with perfect hindsight.  Here is someone making himself out to be this spiritually superior guy, with all the answers, who appoints himself leader for life of his own fellowship, and has the power to appoint or remove men from any position in his fellowship.  He sets up his fellowship so that the pastors are kings in the churches, and he sets himself up as the king of kings.  And then the icing on the cake.  He sets up forced tithing, first of all as a doctrine in all the churches, so that you are taught you wll lose your salvation, supposedly bought by the blood of Jesus, if you don't tithe and give offerings.  He sets up a mock church council, that really has no power to truly control the finances.  In fact, he boasts that church councils do not control the pastor.  Then he sets up a inter church tithing pyramid and sets himself firmly at the top and states that no one except he and his puppet church council can see the actual financial records. 

      Unfortunately, when you are immersed in Wayman's World, it is hard to see this.  It is really easy to see it after you get out, if you let yourself take a cold blooded look at it.  For many, however, the pain of realizing that they have been conned is too much.  So they rationalize with things like, "It was good thing that went bad."  No.  It was set up that way from the beginning.

      From my point of view, The Mighty Mitch made some decisions early on in his religious career.  Life is hard, and there are winners and there are losers.  In his chosen profession, organized religion, Wayman O. decided he was going to be a winner.  He also assessed what it would take to do that.  From my perspective, he decided to become a ruthless, religious business man.   Looking at it that way, he accomplished what he set out to do.  Once you realize that his fellowship is a religious business, then all that "win the world for Jesus" stuff melts away.  If you watch how he acts, then the similarity between him and other ruthless business men becomes obvious. 

      You will submit if you are a pastor in Wayman's World.  Not because you are deeply convicted about "God appointed headship," but because you know he can and will destroy you if you don't.  Lord Wayman makes examples out of those who defy him.  He has no conscience, and has no friends, really.  He only has allies and enemies.  Pull away the religious tapestry and you will find a ruthless, religious business man.

      I mentioned a while back how I was looking at a notebook that my ex wife used to take notes at the July 1975 Prescott conference.  This is a few months before I entered Waymanland.  In her notes on one of Mitch's sermons she has the quote, "Nice guys finish last."  I had to marvel.  Here was the leader of the fellowship telling people almost 32 years ago that he is not a nice guy.  He obviously had no intention of finishing last.  Yet, when people fall into disfavor with him, they are mostly shocked at how vicious he can really be.  He will destroy churches, ministries, lives, educations, careers, relationships, and anything else that he needs to destroy to keep his top position in the fellowship which he created.  He is not a nice guy.  He has no intention of finishing last.

      When I really look at the hard cold facts of Wayman O. and his self created fellowship, it all really makes sense.  He offers a religious product.  A "superior" religion.  It makes people think they are better than others, and it makes them afraid to leave that "superior" religion, lest they lose their destiny.  A cold blooded religious business man then makes them pay a premium price for his product.  By the time they realize that they have been taken by a con game, the business has brought in new customers.  Just like any other business, it is all about the profit margin.  So if you leave and are replaced with fresh wallets and bank accounts, what is that to Wayman? He has already forgotten your name, if he ever knew it in the first place.  





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