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Wounded and Messed Up Witnesses

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  • kenhaining777
    One of the factors that would seem to hinder the witness against the fellowship is that many people, being ex members of Waymanland, who testify against that
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2007
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      One of the factors that would seem to hinder the witness against the fellowship is that many people, being ex members of Waymanland, who testify against that organization, are greatly wounded and quite frankly are often what we would call messed up.  Many are nowhere as far as career and income go.  Many are divorced.  Many are battling all kinds of psychological side effects of having been in that organization for years, or even decades.  Yet, when they testify against the fellowship, they are still speaking and writing the truth.

      Some carry religious bigotry with them.  They still will not tolerate anyone "denying the Lord," and will make unkind remarks about those who did not continue in Christian faith after they left the fellowship.  Yet they give factual and very real accounts of the abuse and exploitation that goes on in that group all the time.  Their information is accurate, even though they have some "grave clothes" still clinging to them. 

      Some find themselves being weird misfits.  They are loners, for the most part.  They are as we have often mentioned, "socially retarded."  They have a hard time relating to others, and sometimes they might even go off at other ex members for any number of reasons.  They are extremely frustrated.  Once again, however, when they testify about the fellowship, they tell the truth.

      Some don't know where they are at religiously, or spiritually.  Some are exploring different possibilities.  Some have no profession of Christianity any more and have embraced other spiritual ideas.  Some can't figure out if they still believe or not.  Many will never go to church again.  When they testify about their experiences in the fellowship, and what it was like to get out, they give accurate information.

      Far be it from current fellowship members to not be vicious about ex members who are hurting.  I have gotten some feedback that some actually believe the God killed the two women who testified against a perverted, fake pastor.  That is how low they will go.  They look at the pain and suffing of those who have left as proof that leaving the fellowship is wrong.  I recall one leader stating in a Tucson conference that the reason people suffered when they left the fellowship was because it was wrong for them to leave.  This was about a year after I left.  That leader has now left the fellowship and last I heard he is pastoring in Gallup, New Mexico.

      What they are actually saying is that if Waymanchrist is able through his corrupt religious system to cause affliction in the lives of those who leave his religious world, then God must be on his side.  Nevermind the shunning, the mockery, and the preaching against those who left.  It is God, in their minds, who is afflicting those who leave.  Nevermind the ripped off careers and education, and social isolation, and all the other long term effects of fellowship membership.  They view you as someone that God hates.  And if you suffer and die, they will smuggly say that God judged you. 

      Someone wrote on Slam the Door a couple of years back or so that one pastor led his congregation in a cheer at the news that I and my wife had been divorced.  It was said that there was much rejoicing in the church over this event, and the divorce of another couple as well.  These are the people of God?  You really think so?

      And when they see ex members struggling with some of the things I mentioned, they will say that this negates their witness of what goes on in the fellowship.  This is simply not true.  In spite of all the pain, the confusion, and the struggles, all these different people say the same thing.  There were literally hundreds who visited Slam the Door and testified that what we say about the fellowship is true.  Some only posted once or twice, but the witness was overwhelmingly consistent.

      Even outsiders, who were never part of Waymanland, have observed these same things in friends and relatives.  The current members of the fellowship dismiss this as the "witness of the world" against them.  But consider that they are also saying the same as ex members.  The witness against the fellowship is overwhelming.  

      Current members who read on these message boards can mock all they want.  If they keep reading, sooner or later a bell will ring in their minds.  Too much truth becomes and overwhelming force.  So keep reading.  One day you may be stopping by to add your witness, in spite of being a hurting ex member.





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