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A Thousand Pieces

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  • kenhaining777
    Recent discussion of whether or not Lord Chucky, aka, Greg Mitch, will inherit the throne reminded me of something one of the original leaders said to me in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2006

      Recent discussion of whether or not Lord Chucky, aka, Greg Mitch, will inherit the throne reminded me of something one of the original leaders said to me in the early 90s.  He said that if Lord Wayman died the fellowship would shatter into a thousand pieces.  His hope was that the Pope of Prescott would last until Jesus returned.  That leader left the fellowship back in 2001.

      Trying to predict what will happen when Wayman O. the First departs this world is like trying to predict the weather when there is a lot going on.  Sometimes meterologists have it easy, with familiar weather patterns.  However, there are times when there are too many factors, and you will hear them changing their predictions on almost an hourly basis. 

      We have a lot of factors before us in the "what will happen when Mitch dies" senario.  It has been mentioned that Greg Mitch might depart before his dad, due to his illness.  Some with Greg's condition live into their 70s, but many die in the 30s.  He is in between, and so we can't know for sure how that is going to play out.

      In the earlier days of the fellowship, Harold Warner was the heir apparent.  That time has long ago past, and Warner is not even on the new and improved board of elders.  Also, it is very likely that he will die before Lord Wayman.  An interesting question to ask is who will take the Tucson church when Warner goes?

      So, if both Greg and Warner were out of the picture, who would Mitch leave as the new Pope of Waymanland?  Some have thought Joe Campbell.  Paul Campo fancied himself as the best replacement for Mitch, but his health has not been very good lately either.  Who else is there?

      The fellowship is not built on the rock of the revelation that Jesus, Y'shusa, is the Christ, the Messiah.  It is built on Main Man Mitch being the preeminent man of God in the earth today.  Waymanchrist is holding the fellowship together with threats.  If you don't play ball he will seek to remove you as pastor.  If you try to leave with the church, then he has shown that he will brutally split your church and seek to destroy it.  If you don't pay your protection money, that is, your church tithe into the tithing pyramid, then he will seek for your career as a fellowship pastor.  I don't think there is anyone who could take Mitch's place who could be as intimidating as Mitch is.  Without those threats, I think that leader was right when he said it will shatter into a thousand pieces. 

      I can see small fellowships emerging, but I can also see mass exodus of people and the collapsing of churches.  I can see some real power struggles.  Those at the top will be desperate to keep their lifestyle the same, and will probably draw disciples after themselves as much as they can.  The ones who are large and strong enough to do conferences will try and build a fellowship around themselves and have at least a small tithing pyramid. 

      I still would rather see a lot of this happen while Waymanchrist is alive.  But, we may have to wait for him to be out of the picture before the whole thing falls apart.

      Those are my thoughts on the subject.

      Shalom to you




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