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Observations of Potter's House Tactics

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  • kenhaining777
    For over thirty years now, Wayman O. has been marketing his brand of religion. He employs some basic tactics, which he has passed down to his subleaders, that
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      For over thirty years now, Wayman O. has been marketing his brand of religion.  He employs some basic tactics, which he has passed down to his subleaders, that I wanted to just go over in this post.

      First, Wayman O. uses the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is a tool for him, nothing more.  He learned years ago that you could attract converts with this "good news" of Jesus Christ dying for sinners and granting them eternal life.  So, part of his program is getting converts through that message.

      However, he only uses that message to convert people.  The religion that he teaches these converts is actually in total contradiction to the message that he uses to make those converts. People are lured in with a message of hope and faith, and they are then taught a religion that enslaves them.  The Book of Galatians talks about men who came to that church and began to teach the members "another gospel," and "another Jesus," which were in contradiction to the gospel and Jesus that Paul preached.  In Wayman O.'s case, he plays both parts, or his organization is set up that way.  In other words, the gospel message is preached, and then the people are taught another gospel and another Jesus.

      First people are given the Jesus who loves them, died for them, and gave them assurance of forgiveness and eternal life.  Then they are given the Jesus who is constantly threatening them to take away their salvation if they don't keep the religion of the Potter's House of Waymanchrist.  They are told salvation is free, and that Jesus has forgiven all their sins, and then they are told that they must work, give, and be totally dedicated to a religion or the same Jesus will cease to forgive them. 

      They put people through a transition process.  As new converts they are handled with kid gloves.  As soon as they have gotten "locked in," then they are taught this other gospel.  The fellowship loses almost all the people who pray a "sinner's prayer" at the altar calls that they do.  They keep a small percentage and this is the source of their growth, or at least the maintaining of the organization, as it mostly is today.  They keep them long enough to get them through the transition from people who are joyously living in the finished work of Jesus, to those who are constantly put upon to do more and more to stay "right with God."

      It is hidden from someone who is persuaded to receive the free salvation of Jesus what will really be required of them.  If the fellowship were honest, then they would tell perspective converts the truth.  They would tell them that they are offering a religion that is extremely demanding.  They would tell them of the "real requirements" to make it to heaven.  Just receive Jesus and what He did on the cross?  Not a chance. 

      They should hand out literature that says something like:

      Greetings in the name of Waymanchrist.  We are urging you to join our religion and by doing so earn your salvation.  In order to get to heaven you will need to remain a member in good standing of our fellowship for the rest of your life.  You must surrender a great deal of your free choice in order to do this.  There are many things that will be required of you if you want to actually make it to heaven.  You will be expected to attend church as much as possible, and keep in mind we have a lot of services.  Missing church for anything other than having to be at work will not be tolerated.  If your work schedule interferes with church then you will be expected to do everything you can to adjust that.

      You must give at least 10% of your gross income, from any source, to the church at all times.  There will be no excuse excepted for not doing this.  You should pay this money by check or put cash in one of the church envelopes so that we can be sure you are in obedience in this area.  You should be willing to give above your 10% and to sacrifice your needs and the needs of your family to do this.  You are to pay us first before you pay anything else, including groceries, rent, car payments, etc. 

      You must accept your pastor as your spiritual leader.  You must take what he says to you as being from the mouth of God.  You must submit to your pastor even if you think he is wrong.  You must obey your pastor even if your husband or wife objects.  However, you must never blame your pastor for any bad decisions you make, even if he advised you.  You must be willing to see your pastor financially blessed and must never question how much he makes.  You must be willing to see your pastor financially blessed, even when you and your family are in great need, and must never expect financial help from the church no matter how much money you have given. You must accept any new pastor that Waymanchrist or his subleaders appoint to your church, even if that man is a recycled adulterer. 

      You are to put the pastor and the members of the church above your family members who are not members of Waymanchrist's kingdom.  You are to view the pastor as your true father, and the members of the church as your true family.  You are to brutally witness to your family members and try to recruit them for the kingdom of Waymanchrist.  If they refuse to be converted you must minimize your involvement with them.

      You are to sacrifice vacation time to go to fellowship conferences.  You are never to take a vacation without prior approval of the pastor.  If you get married in the church, you must clear all activities in connection with the wedding with the pastor.  You are to limit the time spent on your honeymoon according to the commandments the pastor.  You are only to marry someone from the kingdom of Waymanchrist.  You must be willing to divorce your spouse should they no longer have blind loyalty to Waymanchrist and your pastor.

      You will despise most other churches, and any churches that Waymanchrist despises.  You will mock other Christians as lukewarm.  You will shun ex members, and especially those who go to churches that Waymanchrist despises.  You will disown close friends and family members who leave the kingdom of Waymanchrist and criticize it.  You will hate whoever Waymanchrist hates.   

      Ok, I'll stop there.  But I could go on.  It is amazing to consider how the message of the Wayman O. fellowship goes from, Jesus died for your sins and is offering you eternal life for free, to this enslaving religion. Now imagine telling some new convert that this is what they are getting into.  The kingdom of Waymanchrist is built on total deception and maniputlation.  It takes people from faith in Jesus to the works of Waymanchrist.

      I have just been thinking about this a bit, and how they switch out the gospel of Jesus Christ for the religion of Wayman O.  Quite a little religious con game they have going.





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