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Silent Killers

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  • kenhaining777
    There has been some mention of the fellowship of Wayman O. and his band of merry con men getting some media exposure. Every now and then they do end up
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2006
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      There has been some mention of the fellowship of Wayman O. and his band of merry con men getting some media exposure.  Every now and then they do end up getting some attention, usually because something obviously extreme has happened. 

      For example, when a woman in the El Paso church went to Lord Campo and told him that she had been raped by a man in the church, Campo, rather than calling the police, silenced her.  Whether you think that the rape actually occured is not the main point.  It is that a so called pastor could do that and get away with it.  I was with Campo in a motel room watching Geraldo when this woman was on his program exposing this whole mess.  Campo was distressed, to say the least.

      Another example was when some idiot of a "minister" forced a very young child's hand into a bucket of blood to "scare the hell out of her."  That also made the media and a court case decided that the young girl should not be a part of that perverse religion. 

      However, most of the abuses in the fellowship have to do with indoctrination and take place over a long period of time.  They also take place with the cooperation of the victims.  Even sudden outbursts, like a pastor slamming a disciple against the wall for asking the wrong questions, are not really that news worthy. 

      Part of the problem is that when you try and describe what happened to us in the perverse religion of Wayman O., it tends to sound rather stupid to the average listener.  Unless you at one time were caught up in the power of destructive religion, you just don't understand the victim's account.  The listener is thinking, "Why didn't you just leave?"  My answer to those who have no reference point to our accounts is, "You had to be there."

      It is very difficult to convey to someone who was never part of the fellowship how you were victimized.  How they caught you at a certain time in your life.  How you thought that you had "found God."  How you totally trusted the pastor and leaders of that foul group, just like a child trusted their abusive parents.  How you were in that state of mind in spite of being an adult.  How you were beaten down to the point that you would allow some tin god of a pastor to treat you like dirt and still render service and resources to him.

      It is therefore hard to write a news story on the fellowship.  It is hard to do a TV shot.  They want something sensational, and our stories many times sound like we are a bunch of weak people who joined a stupid religion.  Mass suicide?  No, just a bunch of people wasting their lives in endless retarded church services.  Adultery?  Hey, the church down the street has that too.  Pulling hard for money?  So is the TV evangelist.  They say if you leave their church you will be damned?  The Catholics have been saying that for centuries. 

      Every now and then there is something sensational enough to inspire a news story.  Then the current fellowship loyalists cry out that it is an isolated incident.  The long term damaging effects of the fellowship are the real issue anyway.  And to the average reader, listener, and viewer it is a rather boring subject.

      Have you ever had the experience of trying to tell someone what happened to you in the fellowship and have them kind of want to change the subject?  That is why so many ex members seek out other ex members.  They are the only ones who understand. 

      Three kinds of people generally read these message boards.  First, there is the fellowship loyalist.  They are looking for something to hate.  Not surprising, since their entire organization is built on hatred and religious bigotry.  What better target for their hatred than those "whining backsliders"?  Some come on and post at various times telling us all what cruds we are. 

      The second kind is the fellowship member who is thinking about making a break for it.  They are reading in these message boards the very thoughts that they had been suppressing for years.  Some of them waver for years.  Some of them read, then repent of reading, then read, then repent of reading, for a very long time.  Finally they get out.

      The third kind are, of course, the ex members.  Many more people read these message boards than post on them.  It lets them know they are not alone and confirms their own fellowship experiences.  It also helps them see that the wicked fellowship of Wayman O. is what caused so much pain and problems in their lives, and not them being "backsliders."  

      The one advantage of a media story is it sparks some interest, and it probably would increase traffic on these message boards and investigation into other writings about religious cults that relate to the fellowship.  So, I would never mind seeing that happen.  But I really think the weakness of the fellowship is having sources of information like these message boards that they can't control.  Information control is essential to that organization, and thus they have the ban on associating with "backsliders."  But some people will still log on and read these message boards and other information that the leaders just don't want them to have. 

      Basically, they are silent killers.  They don't draw a lot of media attention.  However, some of us have been investigating and exposing their crimes. 





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