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Group Behavior

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  • kenhaining777
    Woodenshoes wrote: [It maks you wonder how many in the ChristianFellowship Ministries had justified doubts about their church, but then the group psychology
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2006

      Woodenshoes wrote:

      [It maks you wonder how many in the ChristianFellowship Ministries had justified doubts about their church, but then the group psychology kicked in and they rejected it as an attack of the devil or something like that. It must be especially difficult to think of ones own in a group like the CFM, because the group is very controlling. Jesus Christ had a busy schedule, but He took the
      time to talk to His heavenly Father alone. How about a nice vacation
      with your family instead of wasting time and money during conference.]


      The fellowship specializes in the group dynamic.  They isolate you from all other groups, greatly minimizing your involvement with family, friends, and associates outside of the fellowship group.  The fellowship of Wayman O. also creates a group that rebukes one another for independent thoughts.  In other words, the pastor preaches and the disciples enforce.  One way to gain points in the fellowship is by turning in a brother or sister by reporting that they said something amiss, like, "I don't know if I agree with what pastor said about that." 

      There are several ways the group dynamic can be broken down.  One way is to talk to ex members.  That is why it is a major doctrine of the fellowship not to have anything to do with "backsliders."  They MUST isolate their people from ex members.  You might actually hear why someone really left and you will realize that you were lied to.  Also, they will confirm some of the thoughts you have been repressing about the fellowship and why it is not what it is made out to be.

      Another way the group dynamic can be broken is by simply forsaking the public prayer meetings in favor of truly private prayer.  That is the way that Jesus taught His disciples to pray.  Once someone starts to pray alone, then the trained pattern of fellowship ritualistic prayer begins to break down.  You actually start engaging your own mind and you actual talk to God like He was a real person.  This invoking of the rational mind will start someone on the road to breaking fellowship conditioning.  Once again, you will receive major resistance if you try and switch your prayer life to a private prayer life.  The pastor will probably preach on it, and seek to negate the very teachings of Jesus Christ Himself on the subject.  "Well, I read in MY Bible that they had public prayer in the Book of Acts!  How many of you know we are a Book of Acts church?  But some super spiritual brothers, well, they are going to pray in secret.  This is nothing more than rebellion and pride......" 

      Spending time with your unsaved relatives can start to snap you out of fellowship group dynamics as well.  This is especially true if they live in another region.  If you take an extended vacation to see your relatives, and are totally away from the church during that time, you may see that these folks are the ones who really care about you.  You may see through the phoney, "We are your real family," line that the fellowship tells you.

      Another interesting way to break the group dynamic is to tithe and give in secret.  Only give cash.  Now, understand that this means a lot of the money you give is never going to be counted in the offering in a lot of these churches, probably most of them.  However, what you will be doing is refusing to be monitored.  Someone testified a while back that when she and her husband stopped giving publically, i.e., with checks or envelopes, and started giving cash, the husband was called in and told he could no longer be in ministry.  As I recall, this was in the big mamma church.  The reason people give publically in the fellowship is because there is a social pressure to do so.  Again, Jesus taught to give in secret, and not to give to be seen of men, but what did He know? 

      What is interesting is that many of the teachings of Jesus directly attack the group dynamic.  That is why the elite Jewish groups of His day hated Him so much.  He was striking at the root of their power over their community.  The fellowship is just like this.  If anyone tries to break the group dynamic, they can get really nasty.  It is the source of their power over the people in their churches.  So don't touch that golden calf.

      I am convinced that the vast majority of people would leave the fellowship if they were to get away from it for 90 days and have social involvement with other people and groups.  But everyone is so paranoid about getting away from it for even 3 days, much less 90.  So they keep everyone boxed in with religious fear and they end up wasting years of their lives, along with life's opportunities, because they have become such a part of the group.

      Time to take back your individuality.  Don't buy the line that if you take 90 days to get away from that group to sort things out that you are going to miss your "destiny in God."  That is total trash and a fear tactic to keep you enslaved.  If you take a break from it, and you see through it, you will be so glad that you did.





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