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Wayman the Hypocrite

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  • kenhaining777
    There are a lot of aspects of Wayman O. s hypocrisy. However, at the center of his hypocrisy is his demand to submit to what he calls headship. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2006

      There are a lot of aspects of Wayman O.'s hypocrisy.  However, at the center of his hypocrisy is his demand to submit to what he calls headship. 

      The destruction that people suffer in Wayman O.'s fellowship is largely caused by this teaching that you have to submit to some God appointed leader, one whom God has specifically appointed over you.  You are taught if you reject that God appointed leader, for any reason, then you are in rebellion against God, and you are more or less going to hell.  Unless you repent and resubmit yourself to your God appointed leader, you will lose your salvation.

      One of the qualities of a hypocrite is that they will require of others what they have never required of themselves.  Wayman O. is a total rebel.  The man who constantly preaches that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft is a rebel.  Yet, he will not tolerate any rebellion against himself or his man made leadership structure.  He lays the heavy burden of headship on the backs of people, but he has never, ever born the burden himself. 

      The Mighty Mitch has never had a pastor over him who he considered his spiritual, God appointed headship.  Never.  Yet he constantly states that this is essential to a person staying saved, and essential to them fulfilling the plan of God for their lives or their "destiny."  He teaches that rejection of headship will abort all fruitfulness in your life, and as mentioned above, lead you into a backslidden, hell bound state.  But he himself has never had this supposedly essential headship over him.

      The argument that fellowship loyalists will bring is that Lord Wayman is special.  He is an exception to his own rules.  They just can't see that they are justifying total hypocrisy.  It is plain to see for those who are not under the spell of the fellowship.  Anyone who allows themselves to think clearly and logically will see that this man is indeed a total hypocrite.

      The Little Big Man has been heard to say that if you do what he does you can have what he has.  When Ron Jones wanted to have his own fellowship, and break away from Mitch, and most importantly, no longer tithe to the Pope of Prescott, Lord Wayman declared him a rebellious dog and did everything he could to destroy him.  Why can't Ron Jones be special too?  What was really interesting was that some likened Jones' rebellion against Mitch to Satan's rebellion against God.  You would think people would begin to snap that Waymanchrist was being put in the place of Father God.  According to the Bible there is only one Man who holds that office, and his name is not Wayman.

      In his writings of the glories of the Most High Wayman, Ian Wilson made it out that the Mighty Mitch was the only man worthy of the "mantle of God."  The implication was that in all the earth this Wayman guy was "it".  No other man could be compared to him.  So how dare you hold him to his own standards?  We are talking about Mantle Man, the one only true apostle of the faith.  Such trash.

      The truth is that Wayman O. is just a hypocritical religious con man.  He is telling people they must submit to human leadership, which is supposedly God appointed.  He is saying that if you do not submit you will not have what God has for you.  Yet he himself has never, ever obeyed this same teaching.  And you keep giving him money, power, and praise, rather than judging him for the hypocrite that he certainly is.  

      One laughable thing.  When a pastor rebels against Wayman, and he pulls the church out, Wayman will split that church, and do his best to destroy it.  One of the things that will be done is the people in the church will be told that they should not submit to the pastor any more, since he is a hypocrite who will not submit to his own headship.  This comes from a man who gave Foursquare leadership the finger and rebelled.  So why are you submitting to him?  

      All the appointments of boards of elders that Mitch is supposedly submitted to are a joke.  There are no original members of the board that Mitch appointed after the 1990 exodus on the present board.  Mitch has cast them all out of the fellowship except one and that one is not on the present board.  Mitch has no headship.  He is a law unto himself.  I would have to say at this point that submitting to Wayman O. is an act of sheer stupidity, or it is an alliance to be in on the con game with all its benefits.  

      Time to rebel.  "Rebellion against tyranny is obedience to God."  Benjamin Franklin







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