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Psychotic Imprudent Ignorant Presumptuousness

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  • kenhaining777
    Here is a post which Naboth cross posted to his message board, Slam the Door on the Fellowship, for a message board that focuses on some of the same issues we
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2006

      Here is a post which Naboth cross posted to his message board, Slam the Door on the Fellowship, for a message board that focuses on some of the same issues we do on our message boards.


      I know this was a serious and quite a confrontational post but it had me in stitches. Oh how just like a Potters House pastor this is! He has described them down to a tee.    regards...naboth675

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      Psychotic Imprudent Ignorant Presumptuousness

      I was trying to put a finger on the phenomenon where Pentecostal preachers assert things with authority where they have total ignorance on the subject.  They "presume" about a particular subject, they do no research before hand, and then they get behind the pulpit and rant and rave on a subject with recklessness.

      For example, I have heard several preachers say that the wine Jesus offered during the Last Supper was really grape juice.  They use this to justify their ban on drinking, and they have the pure ignorance to say that the Bible is against drinking.  This is all a big lie.  The Bible never prohibits drinking, and actually encourages it in moderation.  Just because some preacher has some history of "white trash" in his family that abused alcohol from his daddy to his
      grandfather - this gives him no justification to lie that the Bible prohibits the use of alcohol in any way.  This is the first instance of Psychotic Imprudent Ignorant Presumption.

      Another widespread doctrine among Pentecostals is the Initial Evidence heresy.  They claim that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit.  The Bible never says this anywhere. On the contrary, one can read the list in the New Testament about the Fruit of the Spirit, which is the only place in scripture where one is given any indication of ostensive Evidence of the Holy Spirit.  We will not hear this often from Pentecostals though, because tongues is not listed as the Fruit!  Again, from lack of serious intellectual inquiry and scholarship, Pentecostals repeat the ignorant presumptuous statements of their Founders.  This is very reckless, unwise, and
      dangerous to build an entire movement upon ignorance and lack of scholarship.

      Another phenomenon of ignorant presumption among Pentecostal preachers
      is when they preach against the fad of the moment, which we have discussed in other threads here.  One preacher of note attacked Spongebob Squarepants.  Since sponges are asexual animals, he claimed that the producers of the cartoon were promoting homosexuality.  I suppose that he forgot that earthworms are hermaphrodites too. Again, we have here a bunch of ignorant jerks for preachers trying to shock their audiences with strange assertions with no evidence – only presumption and recklessness.

      Many of the lurkers here might think about this.  How many times has your preacher declared something with certainty, but you wonder "How would he know that?"  Also, these "declarations" usually have nothing to do with the core doctrines of Christianity.  Why would a serious pastor be looking for cartoons to preach about?  If he is a trained theologian from a serious seminary, he would not be groping for a new idea or sermon; he would have several years of studying scripture and he would have a large body of knowledge from which to draw for good sermons.  It is usually because these jerks for preachers are ignorant beyond repair that they come up with some of the most stupid ideas for sermons to rant and rave upon.  When they have to yell and scream to keep your attention, and come up with shocking subjects to keep interest, you know that your preacher is too ignorant to come up with an interesting sermon – usually because he has not even gone to seminary!  How insane is this?  How can Pentecostals take their preachers seriously when they openly talk about politics over the pulpit or the latest evil they can imagine about an innocent cartoon?

      Do you lurkers have the guts to conclude that your pastor is an ignorant, stupid yahoo?

      So, how does this phenomenon happen?  These ignorant preachers think that they are "Men of God," with the same reckless presumption.  How arrogant does a man have to be to scream behind the pulpit that he is THE "Man of God"?  The other way they get to this point is the recklessness to think that they are "anointed" of God.  When they think that they have the "anointing," they are implying that they have magical powers, given to them from God where they can declare things in the name of God to be true, simply because they are the "Man of God."  This "anointing" also gives them the power – so they think – to rebuke anyone who would dare disagree with them to fall down dead like Annanias and Sapphira.  So, in this case, your ignorant preacher is
      claiming that he has the same status as the Apostle Peter!  How insane and nuts can your ignorant yahoo preacher be!!!???  Some of these creeps think that they are APOSTLES?  When you really think hard about this, you cannot help but laugh at the Pentecostal phenomenon of recklessness and pure, comical ignorance.

      I think we can list more cases of Psychotic Imprudent Ignorant Presumptuousness.  Let the list begin…



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