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Fellowship Myths About Money - Tithe and You Will Be Blessed

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    Here is a message by Naboth posted on his message board Slam the Door on the Potter s House. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/slamthedoor_on_the_pottershouse/
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      Here is a message by Naboth posted on his message board Slam the Door on the Potter's House.


      Now if you challenge this point with any fellowshipper they are almost certainly bound to use the same scripture. They will point to Malachi which pronounces a curse on the non tither. Or so it seems. The way to deal with this is to ask them about the law given to Israel and the blessings or curses connected with it.

      The truth concerning the law is that if you fail in one point you have failed in all. Also Israel came under the law of blessings and curses because that was part of the covenant they agreed with God. We are under a new covenant. A covenant of grace. So how can you be under a covenant of grace {Unearned works} and earn a blessing by giving? There is now way round it. That would be a contradiction.

      The fellowshipper may counter that by saying that they tithe and they have testimonies of God's blessing and provision in their lives. Well I won't contest that but did it ever occur to them that God blessed them because he loved them unconditionally and not because they earned it by putting money in the offering bowl? After all you are either grace or you are not.

      Furhtermore God blesses non tithers. There are many non tithing churches where the congregants speak of God's blessings in exactly the same way as tithers do. So you see blessing and material wealth must be immaterial of tithing. God blesses whom he will bless.

      Now at this point the fellowshipper will point to Malachi but you should ask who he was speaking to. Was it Jews or gentiles? The answer is obvious. He was speaking to Jews under the law. They were under the law of blessing and cursing. By the way if we are to be blessed by obeying that law under the covenant of Moses why not expect a blessing for obeying God in the area of circumcision or in refusing to cut your beard or in keeping the seasonal feasts and festivals? The answer is simple. We are not under the law. We cannot earn Gods favour. Besides what about all those faithful tithers who tithed for years and have no obvious blessing. There are thousands of them. Now the fellowshiop may give reasons for this but it's only guesswork and if you take Malachi literally they should be blessed no doubt about it but they are not.

      If Paul the apostle tithed then why did he say that he knew BOTH how to ABASE and abound? If he tithed then tithing didn't leave him blessed all the time. Fellowshippers will try to find reasonings for all these things but they are guesswork. The bottom line is that they will defend the tithe and your blessed doctrine because it is taught in their churches every week even if they are not blessed themselves.

      I know of single mothers who have tithed and struggled on low income for many years and still do and they are wearing the same old worn clothes they were wearing 6 years ago. I know tithing women who buy their clothes second hand. Tithing does not solve your financial problems.

      Incidently I tithed for nearly ten years and my average wage after tax was only £120. Explain that. Now when I stopped tithing I was supposed to be cursedunder Mosaic law but I am not under the law. One week recently I came out with nearly £500 including overtime. Nowadays a typical week sees me earning well over £300. I have prayed and brought financial needs before God resting purely on his grace and I have seen favour. Now I'm not saying that will happen for everyone all the time but according to Malachi and the fellowship It shouldn't be happening at all. After all, blessing is reserved for the faithful tither, not for those who rob God....unless of course we believe what the new testament says and that is that we are no longer under the law. We are under grace.






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