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Ex Member of the Fellowship from Santa Fe

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  • kenhaining777
    Here is a message from an ex member of the fellowship from Santa Fe, New Mexico, pjaldo1, posted on Escape From the Fellowship.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2006
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      Here is a message from an ex member of the fellowship from Santa Fe,
      New Mexico, pjaldo1, posted on Escape From the Fellowship.


      I'm new to this message board and I must say I'm very relieved to
      find out that this board exists. I'm a child bred of the
      fellowship. My parents met under Pastor Huck in Santa Fe 24 years
      ago and were married by Pastor Cluck. Eventually in 1986 my dad was
      sent-out under our new Pastor Hank Houghton, to pioneer a work in
      Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (a work that, to my knowledge, still exists).
      Two years later, for reasons unknown to me still, my parents,
      brother and I were sent back to Santa Fe for "redirection".

      After 17 years of intense involvement in the Santa Fe church, much
      financial and physical investment, and bonds built between other
      members the of the church, Houghton and Coolidge began their slow
      march away from Pastor Mitchell. As most know, this was disastrous
      to the church and oddly enlightening at the same time. I slowly
      began to understand the inner workings of the church and found
      myself very disgusted at the entire situation. In my eyes, Hank,
      Bill and Wayman were making foolish decisions whilst playing the
      pied piper; leading all of their congregations any direction they
      chose. And this truly bothered me. At the age of 17 I began to ask
      my parents if we wanted any part of this organization or any of the
      offshoots. Its direction and ultimate sense of control seemed to be
      very troublesome to my young mind.

      My parents disregarded my concerns and my father sided with the
      fellowship. Eventually he headed-up the new Santa Fe congregation
      and has since been a great asset to the church. Due to questions on
      my part with then Pastor John McCarthy and a renewed understanding
      of my place in Christ, I decided that it would be in my best
      interest to leave the church with as little a fanfare as possible.
      Pastor McCarthy knew that my dissent was making my attendance in
      this fellowship unbearable and stated nary an opinion when I stepped
      down as the church's piano player.

      Time has since healed the scars and minor deformities the
      relationship with this fellowship caused. My father is still a
      major player in the Santa Fe church, now headed under a new (kind of
      short) minister and I do have many ties to both the fellowship
      church and Pastor Houghton's disappearing congregation. And in all
      truthfulness, as many of the adult casualties that there may be, the
      kids born and fed of the fellowship are feeling the pain the most.
      I cannot express how many times I have had to deal with many a
      Potter's House kid who hates God and all things related to
      Christianity; unfortunately misguiding their anger for the
      fellowship towards God. This saddens me greatly because the
      churches do not understand this nor do they seem to express any care
      for those kids who have fallen by the wayside. They see these
      burgeoning adults as rebels against both God and the church (because
      they too believe that they are one and the same).

      As of late I have made it my ministry of sorts to reach-out to these
      kids; to tell them that the church was the problem, not God. And
      that despite everything we've been taught, God does love us no
      matter what and will always be there despite any church or
      denomination. It's a trying road for many but its a message that
      needs to be heard.

      Age: 22
      Location: Albuquerque, NM
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