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Obvious Give Aways

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  • kenhaining777
    The fellowship is full of obvious give aways. I am not talking about gifts that you win for being the 100th convert, but things that give them away as a cult.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2006

      The fellowship is full of obvious give aways. I am not talking about gifts that you win for being the 100th convert, but things that give them away as a cult. 

      Imagine bringing your own brother into the church.  Imagine you and he being religious slaves to the Potter's House for years together.  Imagine when your brother decides to leave, you are told to cut him off.  And you do it.  Can anyone say "cult"?

      Someone begins to inquire about where the money is going.  This brings a violent reaction from the pastor and the man asking questions is seen as an agent of Satan.  Oh come on.  That's real obvious.

      People who went to the church for years are not allowed to even visit as they are now part of another church.  They are a threat because they are not backslidden and are, God forbid, happy.  Meanwhile the ex member who has been gettng drunk every day for the last four years is welcomed into the service in hopes that he can be recruited again. 

      In a discipleship class the leader tells the crowd of men that they are to report to Prescott any deviation from fellowship "pattern."  This way the leader can get them out of the church before they drag it into "rebellion."  Meanwhile, the leader commisions, once again, a pastor with a background of adultery while in the ministry.  Make sense to you?

      A Bible study leader is relieved of his Bible study for going to the movies by a pastor who just last week watched four movies with his guest speaker in the motel room. 

      A leader and conference speaker, at a regional "Bible" conference, orders the ushers to guard the doors as the last night offering was too small.  He declares that no one is leaving until sufficient funds are brought in. 

      Someone from a Potter's House church calls to complain about his pastor's abusive trash, and the leadership tells him that he will be blessed if he obeys his pastor even when the pastor is wrong. 

      Someone in a large fellowship church notices that the pastor's wife is immoral.  Upon confronting leadership with this he is told that his pastor is "a good man in a bad situation." 

      The pastor's wife always counts the offering first, and then has the ushers count it.  The pastor's wife always seems to have large amounts of cash after the services. 

      Someone misses a service because his wife is really sick and can't attend.  After service there are some people knocking on the door, who are "concerned."

      When a woman is the church gets severely ill it is rumored it is because she has a rebellion problem.  When the pastor gets the same condition, it is declared an attack of the Devil. 

      You are told that Polly really doesn't want a cracker, he wants your soul. 

      I could go on and on, but folks, it is right in front of your face.  All of these things, and things like them, are glaring proof that the fellowship of the Pope of Prescott is a cult.  Quit turning a blind eye and a deaf ear towards it all and head for the hills. 

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