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It's Really Up To You

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  • kenhaining777
    A defense that the fellowship leadership uses against message boards like this one, which expose the Wayman O. fellowship, is to say that if you listen to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2006
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      A defense that the fellowship leadership uses against message boards like this one, which expose the Wayman O. fellowship, is to say that if you listen to these "rebels" you will end up backslidden like they are.  After all, what "God fearing" fellowshipper wants to end up an astrologer?

      This is another of their many lies.  There are many people who have left the fellowship who have continued in the Christian faith, and there are many who have not.  The point of the matter is that they all made their own choices, and an even more important point is that they could make those choices.

      The fellowship controls people in such a way that it is contrary to real faith in God or Jesus.  They tell you what to think and believe which means that you are just following a program.  You are involved in a religious, social order.  The only choice you are making is to listen to what they tell you.  You have given up the right to choose what to believe, what activities to be involved in, and even what to speak.

      For example, could you comfortably decide not to go to church this Sunday?  Or decide to just go to the evening service?  Sure, in absolute sense you can decide, but can you really make that choice without considering all kinds of consequences?  Could you tell your pastor that you are going to take one Sunday out of the month to visit other churches?  Would you cringe at doing so?  Do you see how controlled you are?

      The fellowship, and its perverted leaders, tries to control you even beyond your being a member of their dark religion.  They tell you what will happen to you if you leave.  They say, "Well, look at those people on the message boards.  If you leave you will end up like them....."  They ignore the ones who write on these boards who remain Christian, and focus on others, like myself.  They make it out that if you leave then you will certainly end up being non Christian, and damned, of course.

      The truth is, it's really up to you.  That's what they don't want you to see.  Once you leave the fellowship it is entirely up to you what you believe, what activities you are engaged in, and what you say.  You get your freedom back, and in your freedom you can decide that you really do believe in Jesus, not because some fellowship weirdo of a pastor is telling you to believe, but because you decide for yourself what you believe. 

      After you get out from under the mind control, you can read the Bible and decide for yourself what it is saying.  No doubt you will find out that is says things which are entirely different than fellowship teachings.  And you can decide for yourself what you believe about the Bible itself.  If you decide it is indeed the Word of God, then you can use it as your final authority, rather than giving the final authority to some donkey of a man who claims to be your spiritual leader.

      The fear that the leadership tries to put into the people in the churches is that if they leave they will end up, for sure, being spiritually depraved.  They will end up an astrologer like me.  Or they will believe in Universal Salvation, like Nancy.  Or they will end up like George, a God robbing heretic who refuses to acknowledge the infallability of the Bible. Or they will end up a godless athiest like Perry.  Or worst of all, they will end up like STD_forever, believing in eternal security while he is in rebellion to God.

      Obviously, I don't have a problem with any of those people, including myself.  What I am talking about here is a smokescreen that the corrupt leaders and pastors of the fellowship throw up to try and negate what we are revealing about their blood sucking religious organization.  If you leave the fellowship you can continue to be a Christian, or maybe even go back to being a Christian who walks by faith, like you were for a brief time when you were a new convert.  Or maybe you will discover that you just joined a religion, and will get saved for the first time. 

      If the fellowship is the only thing "keeping you saved," then you aren't really a Christian who walks by faith in the sacrifice of Jesus.  Anyone reading the Bible would be able to pick this up.  One of the oldest tricks in the book is to get people to think that they can't have God or Jesus unless they have their particular church or religion.  Then they charge a premium price for you to stay a member in good standing.  Endless labor, submission, and giving of money, until they bleed you dry.  Had enough yet?

      I guess one of the scariest things for people is that when they leave the fellowship there will be no one telling them what they must believe.  It will be up to them.  Unfortunately, some go looking for another "spiritual master."  The best thing you can do is take your time and sort things out for yourself.  Decide for yourself what you believe, and what you don't believe.  For example, you may decide that the tongues you were taught in the fellowship are fake, and that you really enjoy praying alone, rather than in some shouting mob in a "prayer room."

      If your pastor is telling you that if you read these message boards that you will end up like the non Christian members here, he is lying to you once again.  If you leave the fellowship it will simply fall to you as to what you believe.  Instead of having someone tell you what to believe, think, and speak, you will be in control.  It is a lie that you will lose your faith if you leave them.  What kind of faith is that anyway? 

      So don't be afraid to leave them.  After you get out, you will be in control.  It's really up to you to decide what you really believe.

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