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Glorious History of Wayman's World Down Under

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  • kenhaining777
    Every now and then I will hit on some links and go to various web sites that the fellowship churches have set up. Since I started attending the Door in Tucson
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2006

      Every now and then I will hit on some links and go to various web sites that the fellowship churches have set up.  Since I started attending the Door in Tucson back in 1975, I know a lot of the history of the fellowship of Lord Wayman.  I know how they lie about things that happened back then, such as the real circumstances leading to the break off from Foursquare. 

      This morning I happened to click on a link for the Perth, Australia church.  It says:

      The Potter's House Christian Centre in Perth was birthed in revival in October 1978.

      This actually made me laugh.  The man who was sent to Perth in 1978 had a real problem with adultery.  Wayman's solution was to pull him from his church and place him 12,000 miles away to pioneer the first church in the nation of Australia.  One of the leaders told me that this guy had at least 60 women while "pastoring."  He really hit it off with the Australian women and had to be removed back to the States where he became, what else, an evangelist.  It was obvious that he was fully equipped for this ministry, and on he went to have more women experience his "ministry." 

      So I guess that's what they mean by the Perth church being "birthed in revival."  I have to wonder how many women might have given birth to that man's kids. 

      The Perth website goes on to say:

      "Pastor Mitchell's solid grounding in the Word of God and his passion to take the Gospel into all the world was soon imparted into the hearts of many zealous new converts, in a short few years, several young couples were launched surrounding cities to pioneer new churches.

      In 1978, one of these couples was sent to Perth to begin a new church, following the pattern that had been set in Prescott Arizona. From the beginning the emphasis was Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting and World Evangelism."

      The real emphasis was good looking Australian babes, but you will never read that.  So why don't they mention the man's name?  Why no mention of who really started the Australian branch of Wayman's World?  Talk about a whitewashed history. 

      In 1978, when the church in Perth was started, the vision of the fellowship was to build many large churches which would become powerful church planting centers.  We fully intended to build churches of thousands of people.  After all, we were the Book of Acts church.  So reading this next part was sadly amusing.

      "25 years later that one church planted into Perth has grown to nearly 500  members and has  in turn planted dozens of couples that have planted 130 churches into 18 countries of the world!"

      The very idea that it would take 25 years to get to "nearly" 500 members, counting every man, woman, child, and infant, would have been an abomination to us.  We didn't even think that Jesus could really tarry that long.  I asked recently how many of the Australian churches are running over 300 members and the answer I got was that there are none besides Perth.  This shows the fellowship has been believing a delusion for decades.  In reality, they are an insignificant group in terms of "evangelizing the world for Jesus."  Unfortunately, as was recently discussed here, they have a major impact on lives in terms of destroying and damaging them.  Because of their large turn over they have been able to deeply hurt a large number of people over time. 

      What is also interesting is that not only do you have no mention of the original adulterous pastor who founded the Perth church in "revival,"  but there is no mention of Greg Johnson or Mike Mastin.  When Wayman O. had to get his overly sexually active pastor out of Perth, it was Greg Johnson who took the reigns.  When Wayman O. decided to leave Perth himself and return to Mecca, he gave the leadership of the Australian fellowship and the Perth church to his son in law, Mike Mastin.  I have to laugh that now that these men are considered "rebel dogs," there is no mention of them, as though they never existed.  Only Wayman's name remains.

      One of the lines that I have gotten from fellowshippers over the years, and again recently, is that I am harping on the past.  What is so retarded and hypocritical about this is that they write these fantasy histories of the fellowship.  When you try and point out what really went on, and what the real roots of the fellowship are, they say you need to leave it all behind.

      One of the religious groups we used to bash in the fellowship was the Mormons.  What we would do is point out the real history of the Mormon church, and what Joseph Smith was really all about.  We would expose him as a false prophet and say that the Mormon church is built on lies.

      Well, I got news for you.  Wayman O. is a proven liar.  He is false prophet.  He has sent out men that he knows are immoral, but who he finds useful in building and maintaining his kingdom.  His history is one of corruption.  He has run off and done his utmost to destroy his original leaders.  He is vicious.  Even now he is suing a church in Fiji, trying to take away their property for daring to leave his all mighty fellowship.  This is total hypocrisy based on how he villified Foursquare for "stealing the houses of God" when they demanded their property back when Wayman O. split from them.  He declared that we would never be like that.  I was there.  He lied. 

      Some fellowshippers act like this is not a factor in what the fellowship is today.  One guy recently said I was talking about things that happened back in 1993 and this is 2006, as though centuries had passed between those two time periods.  These same people will have no problem talking about the corrupt history of the Catholic church from literal centuries ago, but say that what happened 13 years ago in the fellowship is irrelavent.  "That was soooooo long ago.  Why don't you leave it behind?"  So what if Mitch sent a serial adulterer to start the first church in Australia?  That was a long time ago.  Well, he just sent another immoral man into Las Vegas, Nevada.  You really think things have changed?

      I guess these people just don't believe what Jesus said.  He said if the root of the tree is evil, the fruit will be evil.  This story book history that they put up on these web sites is nothing like the real thing. 





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